L I F E.12

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December 31- Club Essence, Atlanta, Georgia

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December 31- Club Essence, Atlanta, Georgia

Kairen watched as a pretty light skin girl danced on Winter, while she sat by the bar. Since it was New Years Eve, Winter wanted everyone to come to Club Essence to have fun. Everyone except Kairen. Winter  told Kairen that she couldn't dance, talk to anyone, or go somewhere without his permission. It was fucked up, Kairen knew, but she knew if she didn't go Winter would hold a grudge and not talk to her for a while.

Thoughts ran through Kairen's mind as she watched Winter have the time of his life. She noticed every girl he danced with were light skin. He'll turn down any girl other than that color.

What if He doesn't like dark skin girl? What if I'm just a piece of chocolate he experience and didn't want anymore? How could I be so stupid to believe he would want someone who is ran through and lost.  She thought.

She shook the thoughts out her head and turned towards the bartender. "Can I get a cocoa cola please?" The bartender nodded and fixed her order. When she got her money out he handed her, her order and took her money.

When she faced the dance floor a handsome face was in her view. "Hey not to be cliché but I couldn't help but notice your the only person at the bar." He let out.

How could it be possible your voice is sexy, she thought.

"Oh that's because I'm pregnant." She told him.

"That ain't gonna stop me from talking to you." He said taking a seat next to her. "So what's your name?"

"My name is Kairen." She answered.

"That's different, I like it. My name is Apollo." He said.

"That's a cute name. It's Apollo as in the Greek god, right?" She asked.

"Exactly like him." He answered.

"I don't want to come off rude but, what are you mixed with with?"

Apollo let out a chuckle, "Your not being rude, nothing but curious. I'm mixed with white and black.  My momma is white, daddy black."

"Cool. How old are you and what is your occupation?"

"I'm 20 and I'm in college to be an accountant."

"That's cool. I'm 19, I dropped out of college due to a personal problem and I work with Shonda Rhymes."

"That's what's up. So that mean you got little stories and tv shows floating around in your head huh?" He asked.

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