attention- finn

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I sigh as I watch Finn play fOrtnite. He's been ignoring me lately and has been playing fortnite most of the time. I pout and get up to go to the living room where i watch Anne with an E (I love that show uwu) I watch the show and about half an hour later Finn runs down the stairs and stares at me. "Where were you I thought you left" he says sadly. I ignore him and continue watching the show. He sits down next to me and stares into my eyes. I continue to watch the show and Finn pokes my arm to get his attention. When i ignore him he frowns and puts his head on my lap, "babe?" Finn whispers to me sadly. I continue to ignore him and hear him sigh and get up. Suddenly Finn wraps his arms around me and hugs me tightly, "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" He yells before placing kisses all over my face. I give and hug him as he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer to him. "I love you" he says in the crook of my neck. My breath hitches and I smile feeling the same burning feeling in my cheeks when Finn says something. He just dropped the L bomb. S h o o k. "I love you too" I answer and we cuddle for the rest of the day.


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