Chapter ThirtyFour- Dead Twins Are So Creepy

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Chapter ThirtyFour- Dead Twins Are So Creepy

July 24th: Waxing Crescent

    Although Lockheart was giving me a cold look I could tell something was seriously bothering him. He kept glancing over at Amanda's grave, his eyes probing the sight as if looking for something important. As far as I knew maybe he was looking for something important or special to him. What did I know though? I wasn't here to wonder about such things anyway. 

    Well that's what I thought until Lockheart's eye caught a white rose sitting on the ground. I followed his gaze and realized that it was the same rose Amanda had with her that night. It was also the same rose they'd buried her with and man, could I remember the scene so clearly in my head...even if I didn't want to. 

    It was a fairly bright the day of the funeral, making me wonder how anything was allowed to look so nice on such a horrible day. Joseph and Andy had drug me all the way to the funeral, telling me that no would forgive me if I didn't go. I didn't want to tell them that it was too painful for me to even look at their coffins. Everything I could picture from looking at them was that night and their pale faces staring up at the sky mixed in with the blood running from their chests. 

    After the open casket I stared down at Amanda one last time and noticed that same white rose in her hands, still stained with her blood. It was the same one she'd been holding when everyone found her and Lockheart that night. Now it was sitting there on the ground, stained with the same blood, and still not wilted. 

    Lockheart walked over to that rose, looking as if he were going to pick it up but his hand went right through the flower. In the lack of light it took me a second to notice a tear had fallen from his eye. With that high and mighty persona he had, the tear seemed so out of place. 

    "I wish I could protect her," he said, his voice barely above a whisper. "Yet all I've ever done is hurt her."

    A feeling of sympathy flashed through me, making me realize that there was more to Lockheart than I knew. Amanda had known, she had to have or else she wouldn't have gone to such lengths in order to help her twin. 

    Walking over to where Lockheart stood next to the white rose, I picked it up from the ground and carefully looked at him. He looked so much like Amanda that it was startling. His eyes were the same and his hair had the same blonde coloring that I'd gotten so used to. I bet that in the sun it could be so bright that it would make you feel as if you were going blind. 

    "I think that if you were yourself you might have had a better chance at keeping her safe," I said, not knowing where the words came from. They just seemed like the right thing to say at the moment and in a way I had a feeling that this gentler Lockheart was the real one. That only leaves up for debate who the other Lockheart is. 

    Lockheart looked up at me then, his face contorted into a mixture of anger and sadness. "If I had the power to be myself then I would have. It wasn't my choice though..."

    "Well you can help her now," I said, turning the white rose around in my hands. 


    "I think you and I both know from the scene that something has happened to Amanda. I've chalked it down to being a vampire, but somehow I think you already knew that considering you were with her on the day of the murder...obviously. What I want to know though is how powerful she is because it is evident that this vampire would only want her for her power. So tell me, what are we up against?"

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