132 Green Plum (2)

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Ha, this is the first time I have encountered such a narcissistic woman in this place. Does this person know how to write shy words? Although it is indeed a beautiful woman, it can be made in any day, and it is unparalleled in the world... I will really say it.

Although this Miss Liu is so narcissistic and confidently touting the relationship with the master, but the man still has no plans to release.

"The master really doesn't want to see anyone now, but please ask Miss Liu for forgiveness. Don't be too small..."

The man is still blocking the door of the restaurant, so that Miss Liu has no chance to walk in, but she has not made any actual action to stop her. I want to come here, this Miss Liu's so-called and little childhood, no guess, should not be fake, it is indeed a little related to his master.

Otherwise, if the strange woman's words are not sent out, they will be pulled down.

Who will be bored to this point!

However, the person who can make such a beautiful woman eat the closed door and let her meet like this, Lan Qin Yu is also very interested... Oh!

What kind of person will it be, should it be handsome? She has seen a lot of handsome guys so far. If she is handsome, it's really hard to get her eyes. I hope that she won't let her down.

Just as Lan Qin Yu was so swaying, I accidentally saw the shadow of the second floor.


Is she blind?

How is he here? If you really want to say that she is blind, the possibility is very low... So, is it really him?

Then, this Miss Liu's so-called two little guesses, the object of childhood... is him! ?

No... I didn't listen to him!

Oh, this is fun. At first, I just planned to look at the beauty of my eyes and raise my eyes. This time... maybe I can get to know people, or if I can go smoothly... I can pull her into the wind, that would be great!

With this in mind, Lan Qin Yu no longer took a wait-and-see distance and swayed.

Ms. Liu was mad at the attitude of the next person, and the beautiful facial features were wrinkled together. The clothes were also crumpled by her, and the strength was visible.

"I said little brother."

Lan Qin Yu has no warning in their dialogue...

The young lady and the man all looked atLan Qin Yu, and Miss Liu was obviously impatient, and the man's face was even more ugly.

Ha, think of her as someone who wants to find their master? Well, although it can be said like this, she can guarantee that their family will definitely meet her!



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