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"Xiao Yu, take a break, they have been practicing Lu You for more than two hours."

Lan Qin Yu looked at the water leak, and it really has been more than two hours, almost noon, and it is almost time to have lunch.

Hey, it's not a big improvement in the morning. Lu You seems to be gradually entering the state. Others... Just like Qingxun's, let's take it slowly.

"Look, there..."

"Yeah, very beautiful..."

At the door, Xiaoshun and another buddy didn't know what to say, and Lan Qin Yu walked over.

Xiaoshun did not notice that Lan Qin Yu had walked behind her, continued to talk to them on the path, and the hand pointed to the front of the tea house at the opposite side.

So concentrated, is there any good thing there?

  Lan Qin Yu curious to see, really!

"Who is she? Do you know?" In front of the tea house, two women were standing.

A young lady, a handsome person.

The two men turned back and were shocked by Lan Qin Yu.


"Answer my question, who is that woman? You just talked about her right? Know?"

Beauty yeah! It is comparable to green glaze, no, or better than green glaze. Lu you is a gentle and graceful type, and the beauty in front of the tea house is more glamorous, it is suitable for the kind of soul!

Xiaoshun and Xiaolu are shaking their heads. They just happened to see a very beautiful lady, so they discussed which family is rich, dressed very well, and looks so beautiful...

  Lan Qin Yu leaned on the door and looked at it with great interest.

The lady seems to be looking for someone. She has been looking around and giving her a few places. She probably thinks that the person she is looking for may be in those places.


Miss suddenly eyes bright, is she finding the person she is looking for?

  Lan Qin Yu who was going to have lunch, just holding the curiosity about the beauty, followed up!


"Miss Liu, this... please don't be too small, the master is in a bad mood now, don't want someone to bother..."

A young man dressed as a man is embarrassed to stop the beautiful woman who is about to enter a restaurant, and Lan Qin Yu stops at a distance.

Liu Yan floided with one hand and one finger on the nose of the man. She shouted dissatisfiedly: "I am not an outsider, what is it? I want to see him! I am playing with him from childhood to big, it is a childhood, two little guesses." , made in heaven, you can't understand the world!"

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