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He got up, swiftly and her legs wrapped around his hips, securing herself. His hands reached for her ass, cupping her cheeks firmly and their lips met, as he was making his way towards the bed. She was hot, hungry and every inch of her body was begging for her to just unzip his pants and slide onto his rod.

"Put me down," she said nonetheless. She was impressed at how steady her voice came out and it boosted her confidence.

The request fell on deaf ears and he held her even closer, his mouth devouring hers all over again.

"Put me down," she demanded once more, this time matching her words with clear action as she untangled her legs from his grasp.

He let out a feeble sound of discontent, as if she'd ripped his favorite toy away from him.

"Get my shoes," she ordered, taking a slight step back. She would need the space to make this happen. "Put them by the bed, where they were last."

He froze for a second, taunting, and she took the chance to study him. He was handsome, with his tan skin and his broad shoulders, a horse of a man.

And she was going to make him beg.

By the time she zoned back in, he had brought her black stiletto heels out of their hiding place and had set them by the bed.

"That's not how they were," she commented. She knew she was being difficult, but he had to know who ran the show. He had to know his place.

She could tell he was anxious, in a haste to discover what would come next. He was quick to fix the heels, setting them in a perfect line, parallel to the bed and looked back to her eagerly.

"And now, undress."

"Everything?" He asked.

"Everything," she said, nonchalant as she leaned against the closest piece of furniture.

He discarded his clothes and stood tall before her, in what seemed to her to be a place between lust and restlessness. God, would she enjoy flogging him until he couldn't sit the next day.

But not today. He didn't gave her his safe word yet.

"Kneel," she continued, "right by my shoes. Do you know how to put hosiery on a woman?"



She reached for the depths of her purse, pulling out the stay-ups she had packed for him earlier on. She walked back towards the bed with her game face on, composed yet only on the surface. She set the stockings on the bed, right before where he was kneeling, and took on discarding her clothes, a piece at a time, purposefully letting them fall to the ground. He was staring her down, watching her work, and she heard his breath catch in his throat as she unbuttoned her shirt, letting him glimpse at what was underneath.

He liked what he saw.

Once she was left in nothing but her lingerie set, she made her way back to the bed and stood before him. He wasted no time in grabbing her and running his mouth on her body, with the fervour of a first time, like he'd never been with her before. He bit and sucked and teased all over her chest, licking and playing with her nipples through the nothingness of her bra before he proceeded to kiss down her stomach, giving attention to every square inch of her skin. His hands were driving a hard bargain too, going up and down her thighs, grabbing and massaging her ass.

"Put these on me," she managed against her will, as she shoved her stay-ups towards him. She was supposed to be the one doing the breaking but he was ruining her. She felt the flimsy fabric leave her hands and watched as he gathered it in his fists before sliding it up her leg. He was good at it, she thought. It wasn't his first rodeo.

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