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  Lu You that Qing Xun and went to perform on the stage called for a look, and the same thought was in his heart.

Is this still Xiao Yu they know? It turns out that Lan Qin Yu's appearance is also serious... so... terrible...

It's not that the expression is too serious or something else, but it's too exciting in behavior.

Originally sitting in a chair and watching leisurely, until I began to discover the faults of the actors, I began to tell them where they were wrong, where they should be played, where the soundtrack was wrong, or which expression was not sad enough or not angry enough.

Up to now, I haven't gotten to the stage to pull them and teach them...

Ok, so scary and serious!

"That... Xiao Yu, calm down, take it slowly, they only started practicing for a few days, and it is understandable that you can't practice the effect you want. Don't... too anxious..." Qing Xun wiped a sweat and pulled it. Looking at the arm of Qin Yu, I seem to want to stop Lan Qin Yu that is likely to go to the stage at any time.

"I am in a hurry?"

She is not in a hurry, really no hurry! It's just that I saw these people's acting badly, and it's a bit of a violent walk. She is not in a hurry! not at all!

"The other side over there, it's wrong again! Come back! Lu you, no, Yingtai! Now you have to forget that you are Lu You. Of course, I have to forget. You have to treat yourself completely as Zhu Yingtai. Showing the feeling that I love Liangshan's love to my heart, and I don't want to marry someone I don't love. You can experience it yourself. If you encounter such a situation, it may be just a small rebellion. Is the father finished? The mood should be more... bigger, more feel!"

The half-running situation of Lan Qin Yu continued, and Lu You was incorporated into the character as soon as possible under the 'horrible' look and supervision of Qin Yu, but always remembered Xiao Yu's face and her unusual appearance. ......

"how about it?"

Was photographed behind him, Han Qing smiled, saw Xiao Yu's expression, and whispered whistling, saying: "Xiao Yu is so active in this drama, it seems to be quite serious..."

Qing Xun very much wanted to say that he would rather see the leisurely her on weekdays. She likes to occasionally tease other people... I'm afraid that Mo Yun's seeing will be incredible...

In the wind, in addition to the seriousness of the time when the Great Emperor rebelled, it seems that Mo Yun said that even in the matter of disaster management, Xiao Yu did not take it seriously, always laughing, as if For her, that doesn't matter, or it's just a little effort.

Compared with the state affairs, she pay more attention to the operation of these businesses, and I care more about it... I don't know how to describe Xiao Yu as a person...

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