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Not only can be the star of the drama, but also can be cultivated into a first-class singer! excellent! Another day to find a chance to call Lu You a modern dance step, a little charming, the action is also a little better.

There is a general plan on the green glaze side, and Lan Qin Yu is also preparing to investigate how those 'actors' are arranged...

The black line, from the left to the right, then from the right to the left, there are now five people on the stage in the 'performance', if that can be considered a performance!

Yes, they barely passed the preliminary review and stayed in the wind, but this is a bit too much. No feeling of moving at all! The one who plays Ma Wencai has the role of writing charm and acting disgusting! Relatively speaking, it is best to play.

If even Ma Wen did not perform well, Lan Qin Yu would have no choice.

In order to make a good start, Lan Qin Yu chose to let Lu you play the role of Yingtai, and then she personally performed Liang Shanbo...

As soon as I thought of myself, I was very helpless. She likes to watch other people's acting, and likes to teach others how to find a feeling, but... I don't like to go on stage to give people a performance. Singing is singing, it doesn't matter, but the drama is... When I was in college, I had ugly memories, so the dialogue drama... In fact, the impression is not good.

Now it is the scene of refusal to marry on the stage. Lan Qin Yu is also a busy man. It is impossible to stay in the wind, and occasionally go to Fengyuntang to see how they deal with the secret door. There is a preliminary understanding.

She is very responsible, right?

Therefore, the stage is now playing Shanbo. The man who passed the Su Leng's customs in the past few days, and the man who looked so eagerly, called... Liu, for the time being, he called him Xiao Liu.

I don't want to talk about his acting skills anymore. Anyway, he doesn't really want to play Shanbo. It doesn't matter if he doesn't care about his performance. It's a pure scene, so that the drama can be played smoothly.

"There, no, I have to be a little bit more sad, playing her father in the Yingtai... No, her father doesn't feel right."

Lan QinYu looked painfully underneath, and even the modern words 'her dad' were used.

"There are two over there, haven't you been your turn?"


"On the other side, the appearance is slow, and when you come out, everyone will step down and play what!"


"Music, it's not right. Here is the bridge where Shan Bo is crying for the death of Yingtai. How can you put such a brisk song... Wrong!"


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