Chapter 5

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Raine Pov

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Raine Pov

Walking into the school seeing people stare at us . Some with surprising faces and some just acted normal . "I'm going to go get my schedule are you going with me Jaz?" I asked her .

"Yea I'm coming " she said but her eyes were somewhere else on a boy . "That's Will" Lamelo said to her "Will?" Jazmine question . "I like that it suits him " she finished .

I shook my head at her silently laughing "we will catch you later Melo" I told him .

"Alright I'll see you guys later" he said walking over to his friends .

We walked to the office and went to the front desk lady .

"Good morning I am Ms.Wilson do you need a schedule?"

"Yes ma'am we do " I said .

"Names ?" Ms.Wilson asked me .

"Raine Curry and Jasmine Samuels " I told her .

She went through her computer finding our schedules and printing them off.

"Here y'all go have a good first day ".

"Thank you and you too "Jasmine said to her.

I looked at my schedule seeing what I have this year for my junior year .

1.English 4 Honors 8:30-9:35
2. Civics and Economics 9:40-10:40
3. Math 4 Honors 10:45-11:40
2nd Lunch-11:45-12:40
4.AP Art History 12:45-1:40
5.Gym 2 1:45-2:40

"Students if your last period ends early before dismal at 3:30 you can leave at the end of 5th period early or can stay in the gym until dismal time . But you need to have your own transportation if you may leave early, if not go to the gym and stay until dismal for the buses."

-Principal Miller

"I got early dismal "! I said excitedly

"Hell nah I can't stay until 3:30" Jasmine said getting mad .

I laughed " Bestfriend I guess I'll see you when you get home".

"Rainey this not funny " she said walking out of the office with me.

"Rainey what's your 1st block  and fifth block " Lamelo said coming up behind me .

"Umm I have English 4 hours for my first  and gym for my fifth " I said looking back at the schedule.

"Me too I got early dismal "! He said happy .

"Forget y'all " Jas said walking to her first period as the bell ring .

I laughed walking with Melo "Damn she don't have early dismal ?" He asked me .

"No that's why she's mad "I said .

"She do know she can change her fifth block to our gym class right and get early dismal or just change it to a class that let's out early at 2:40 ?" He asked me.

"She probably didn't think of that at the moment obviously but I'll let her know before today is over with " I said .

"My friend Will asked about her when he seen her, he thought she was cute" he said .

"That's going to definitely put her in a better mood " I said taking out my phone texting Jasmine telling her.

Melo and I walked inside of our 1st block .

It was the end of the day and I was in my last period . Our gym teacher just was going over the rules and what we will learn in the class . We didn't have to change until next week.

"Now I'm going to stop talking and let you guys enjoy the rest of your first day back tomorrow we will be in the classroom " he said .

Some people got up and started playing with the stuff in the gym and some just stayed on the bleachers .

"Raine come do one on one with me "Melo called me.

I got up off the bleachers walking to the court .

Melo gave the ball to me, I started dribbling going to the right I fake right and went left making a lay up.

"That shit was lucky" he said smacking his lips.

He threw the ball to me .

Melo came up to me guarding me I move back a little bit , he tried to reach for ball but once I got to the free throw line I shot it .....and made it!

"Still lucky huh ?" I said smirking at him .

After a while we went to 10, and I ended up beating the famous Lamelo Ball.

2:40 came and I was getting ready to leave with Melo ,Gelo was driving us home.

"Melo" a girl called him walking up to him.

"Yes Savannah?"

"I wanted to talk I texted you yesterday " she said .

"I know I seen " was all he said .

"Melo I miss you and I just want us back" she said .

"Savannah you cheated on me twice and I took you back both times but I'm not doing that anymore I've moved on and you need to too . See you later" he said walking to the car with me.

We got inside the backseats "Rainey you going home or you coming to our house?" Gelo asked me.

"She coming to our house" Melo said .

"Boy what you didn't even ask me" I said .

"Come on Rainey I want a re match the gym floor was slippery" he said .

"Slippery my ass you just lost that's all take that L Melo like a champ" I said laughing .

"Oh shit I heard about how she whooped your ass in the gym "Gelo chimed in.

"Rainey didn't do shit" he said .

"Your the one who wants a re match though " I said .

"I just want to give you another fare chance girl" he said .

Author's Note: I'm sorry if this chapter is short guys but I will be updating the next chapter Wednesday. And also you can check out my newest book "My Guys " if you like Saweetie and Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson .

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