Chapter 10

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"Hmmm, I don't know. To be honest master, no one has ever seen its beast form as it's always in its human form, to be honest," Chun replied as his finger tapped his chin while deep in thought.

Ming couldn't help but feel a sense of disappointment, damn! Though the author did mention how the male lead had a powerful beast along its side since little but never once did he or she stated what creature it was.

The author did say it will be revealed in a couple of chapters later but sadly Ming fatally died before knowing what it is, FUCK!!!

Though Ming won't be able to find out he was still lucky as he was sent to this world even though it came with the cost of a baby and a loyal servant but still, maybe he can experience all these magical stuff but the question is would he be able to get a beast for himself.

"Damn I want one" Ming sulked, oh how he will love to have a Mythical Beast by now, all he could right at the moment was only cry and curse inwardly while fantasising.

"Well, it has to depend if any beast wants master" Chun thoughtfully imputed.

Ming rolled his eyes, "Gee thanks for the encouraging word" he spoke sarcastically.

"Its okay master!" Chun replied back cheerfully like his input helped his master a lot. Seeing this Ming couldn't help but point out, is this person really dense, he was being sarcastic and this puppy right here actually thought he was thanking him. 'Oh Lord'

Suddenly the blanket holding Jun began to move, looking down Ming noticed Jun stretching as he yawned quietly, slowly blinking his eyes open.

'Ahhh finally awake little one' Ming gently smiled, as he tended to the bun. While Ming was distracted, out of nowhere Chun unexpectedly started to yell with excitement.

"Master, look the Enchanted Forest we made it!!!" Chun jumped around excitedly as he ran circles around Ming.

'Yup, truly a loyal dog' Sighed Ming as he shook his head helplessly.

In the distance stood a magnificent forest that covered acres and acres of land, it looked like what you see in a fairytale. Though it was night time you could still see how magical the place was, the flower was glowing as it provided creatures of the night enough light as the tree stood standing on its ground and little creatures, no wait actually pixies dancing with one another from flower to flower.

It truly left Ming a 21-century man gobsmacked.


Standing at the entrance Ming and Chun was staring at a certain direction, there was a signpost that had directions that stood at the front entrance beside a tree and a dirt trail leading to different paths.

Holding onto an awake baby Jun, Ming patted his back as he examined the worn out direction sign, seeing that Qinhai capital is North, Ming and Chun settled on the middle path.

They were walking like they were taking a leisurely stroll around a garden and unknowingly to them they didn't notice a little creature staring at them curiously on top of the tree trunk, though it quickly scurried off as master and servant disappeared through the dense shrubbery.


As Ming and Chun walked for what seems like hours they luckily stumbled across a secluded cave, getting the clear from Chun that the cave isn't lurking any danger within they decided to set camp for the night.

While Chun made the bed and fire, Ming went of with baby Jun to pick up some flowers, they could use these flowers as night light or torches so it won't be that dark in the cave.

After picking the flowers Ming and baby Jun came back, they spotted Chun sitting down around the fire grilling some food they brought beforehand, thank God they have brought enough food for their journey if they didn't they would have to go hunting and to be honest Ming knows for sure he and Chun can't damn well hunt for shit.

After eating dinner and breastfeeding Jun, Chun put out the fire and with that both master, servant and baby entered a deep but peaceful slumber.

Unknowingly a cute little creature entered the cave, it sneakily scurried in front of Chun, staring at him curiously.

Staring for a while did it finally move, the creature ran behind a rock that was big enough to hide it, curling into a snugly ball to gain some warmth, it gradually fell asleep.

It was looking forward to what the master and servant pair will do in the morning, after all, it was suddenly intrigued by them well mostly Chun, ever since they entered the forest.

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