127 Ambiguous (3)

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There was a warm flow in my heart, and there was a faint smile on my mouth. I ate it with satisfaction. If I saw the Lan Qin Yu eating like a normal one, I was relieved: "you finally laughed."

"What?" Qin Yu looked up at the eyes of Ruoyun and didn't quite understand his words.

  Ruoyun explained, "After you came out of the wind, you never talked, is not like you, and... there seems to be something bothering, so I thought, maybe you can eat what you like. The food will be refreshed. Fortunately, it has a role, hey, or the most beautiful Qin Yu is with a smile."

Somehow, the eyelids began to heat up, and Lan Qin Yu did not speak, just sullenly eating snacks.

Yue Ruoyun is a gentle person, Lan Qin Yu has always been very clear, but ... why is always so good to her! It's just that for a little while, I'm not worried about it. I tried to make her laugh. It's just a small matter, but she still cares so much, and feels relieved because of her satisfaction...

No, don't be so good to her, she is not worth it.

She likes Feng Tianqing, she can't be half-hearted, so whether it is unfair to Tianqing or Ruoyun.

  Ruoyun is good for her, she knows that Ruoyun  is meaningful to her, she understands, but... she has no way to respond, she can't afford what Ruoyun wants.

"The son is very considerate to the lady, presumably, must love your lady very much."

Because the store is not big, so after the second child sent a snack, he sat on the side of the empty space to observe Ruoyun and Qin Yu.

The conversation between Ruoyun and Qin Yu was of course clearly heard, and I couldn't help but sigh.

Yue Ruoyun smiled gently, did not argue or admit it, and continued to drink tea.

Lan Qin Yu secretly stunned the small two eyes and said that it was useless! She is now in a situation of contradictions and troubles. This person has not forgotten to take a kick, this is a mess!

"I have eaten well, Ruoyun, let's go somewhere else."

After eating the sweet-scented osmanthus cake at hand, Lan Qin Yu stood up.

"So fast? You just don't seem to have any thoughts about playing..." How did it change so fast?

"I suddenly want to go shopping, is there a problem?" Lan Qin Yu sneaked up in a sigh of relief, looks very cute, and Yue Ruoyun immediately understood what was going on.

Yu er is really cute.

Yue Ruoyun also stood up, sorted out the clothes and put the money down, and naturally pulled up Lan Qin Yu and walked out.

Looking at the two hands clasped, Lan Qin Yu actually wanted to get away, her body wanted to get away, but her heart betrayed her. In fact... she likes the feeling of being held by someone, the kind that... is cherished and felt to be needed.

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