Chapter Twenty

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"I need to know so I can reset your memories!" James shouted from his spot behind the couch, pacing around the back while you sat on the furniture and ate an apple to pass the time and ease your hunger.

Apparently, Notch had locked away some of your memories from your time in this world - which you were starting to hate all the more - and replaced them with false ones, ones that brought immense physical pain whenever you registered them. That's why you were trying to ignore the other male and his increasingly loud rantings towards you. The apple you kept crunching helped with that, particularly to give your (E/C) eyes something to concentrate on other than the hacker pacing around the room like he was walking on hot coals.

James started again: "Just tell me who you think I am."

Your head spun for a minute as you quested to find whether or not the two of you were together, though you doubted you'd be able to fall for an abuser. Even so, rooting around in your own mind caused enough pain to send you to your knees on the floor, bent over as if twisting as tightly as possible would help. Almost instantly, your host was beside you on the ground, rubbing your back and whispering incoherent words into your ear while the pain subsided almost as a product of the noises.

The hacker sighed as he watched you uncurl from your painfully tight little ball and let go of you, understanding that whatever the hairless god had put together, it was going to be hellish to banish it. "(Y/N), whatever bad things you think of me, they aren't real. They were put in your head so it'd be easier to keep you captive."

Your whole body froze at the revelation. The voice in your head hissed about the possible lies while your brain agreed with your rescuer. A trickle of reality flowed into your mind while your mouth stretched open in shock. Your thoughts showed you a flash of light, silenced until all you could hear was the crumbling of walls and the shiny reflection of fire on metal revealed a sword and it's owner attempting to pass through the newly created hole. That was all you got before it went dark and you blinked to clear away the lack of light. Faintly, you could hear the hacker calling your name as your vision slowly fades back in like pixels loading in a video game. The fear you felt during the explosion was still fresh in your mind, so feeling arms around you in a gentle hug was a comfort you had to return, whether or not it was a dangerous man doing so.

After a while of silence, a deep breath reached your ears, like someone preparing to speak, and you braced again any sort of mental pain might come from whatever was said or whatever he had to say. "What did you see?"

"There was an explosion..." You began slowly, letting go of the hacker to instead rub your arms and the raised hair there that testified to the miniature panic attack you had had during the memory in order to calm yourself enough to continue. "A big, bright flash that vaporized the wall," you continued, glancing up from your warm arms to red eyes that were interested in something they saw. "A man i-in armour came through the hole." Shakily, you added the part that confirmed the planted, painful false memories populating your murderously hurting head:

"They took me."

Dispite you having let go of him, James hadn't yet let go of you, so your head slid down to rest against his arm as you processed the reality of this kidnapping that occurred outside of your memory and cope with the fact that everything you believed about the same man was a complete and utter lie. Soft cooing reached your ears - just gentle little words spoken in a quiet tone, like as if someone was comforting a young child. Unsurprisingly, it helped to a certain amount, providing you with the safety of a capable person's arms and the promise that everything would be okay. Earlier, James had said he could fix your memories, hadn't he? Your panic died down bit by bit as your hopeful mind processed everything under the protection of one black-skinned hacker, at least to the point where you didn't feel like you were about to burst into embarrassing tears that wouldn't stop if they started. Luckily, the floodgates remained closed, and your emotional control snapped back into focus.

"How do we get rid of the fakes?" Your voice chimes in firmly, brushing aside any weakness you had showed earlier in your fear.

The hacker's face condensed into one of concern and uncertainty. "We'll have to root out the real ones and release them, and hopefully separate the fakes and we could get Notch to remove them. It'll be dangerous for anyone but the creator to try. Anyone else might botch them, and you'd lose everything."

You nodded your head ever so often, trying to understand what he was saying as if it wasn't that big of an issue though it really was. It helped you keep your stress down, thinking it's not so important. "So," you ask the most prominent question in your mind, "What do we do first?"

The grin that appeared on the male's face could've scared away a grizzly bear, but only made you notice how some of his teeth - which were all fillings of gold for some odd reason - were unnaturally pointed and made his expressions seem sharper than unnecessary. "We make new memories, ones that - hopefully - reignite your old ones and start the process. It's like with amnesia." He explained helpfully, putting an arm around your neck and laying it across your shoulders while he stretched his legs out in front of himself.

"Will it be painful?" The expression James made at the question seemed like he really wanted to tease you over it, but then he shook his head.

"I hope not," he said honestly, though he quickly followed up that statement with a promise as you tensed up in fear unintentionally. A week of endless pain had all but destroyed you. "And if you feel anything you don't like, we'll stop. I promise, (Y/N), I won't let anything hurt you." The message was short, cliché, and overwhelmed you in the best way because you *knew* he could actually live up to it. That seed of doubt in your mind about him went dormant to provide you comfort for as long as would be allowed, and the pain would be gone before you knew it. A beautiful smile lit up your face, (S/C) lightened by the revelation that you could be fine once more. Your head rested against James' arm subconsciously, staring into the ever-burning flames dancing aove crude red netherrack inside of the fireplace.

"Your smile is as perfect as ever, little warrior. As perfect as your spirit."


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