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Just as the newborn opened his eyes, the person who saw it at first sight as his own dependence would be the closest to such a person. Maybe... She also cares about Tianqing from the beginning?

So, when I know that he finally comes out to look for her, she will be so happy. When she knows that he doesn't care about himself,she will feel... so happy.

Lan Qin Yu laughed and laughed at herself. What happened to her? When is she so sentimental and so easily affected by others?

The hand reached the chin and smiled silly. She didn't look like a child who was away from home. When she heard that her family was coming to pick her up, she was so happy. Go home...

If we say that she also has a home in this world, it should be the palace of Qingfeng, right? There is the emperor, the empress, here is like her father and mother; there are still Lian Che and 7th princess, she has always treated them as their younger brother and sister, and Mo Yun... like big brother, Although I always liked to joke with Mo Yun at that time, I didn't have a serious attitude. I still knew very well that I thought of him as a brother, and he also regarded himself as his sister to be tolerant.

Sometimes she is actually a wayward person who likes to tease others, but also knows that they will not blame themselves, so they will play unscrupulously. Do what you want to do, play what you want to play, and then... go where you want to go, leave without them, and think of the home...

Knowing that she left, Mo Yun did not blame her, but instead sent her to seek to protect her secretly; the emperor did not blame her, the posted emperor did not have to take her back to punish the crime, the line between the lines is hoping to find her as soon as possible, Make sure she cares about his knowledge.

Recalling that these people are good to themselves, Lan Yuyu sometimes feels that he is actually too much. Tianqing is coming, she is very happy, and now she decides that she will not escape any more, but she is also very clear... Even if Tianqing is coming, she will not return to the wind like this.

To say that she has not played enough is also a fact, she will not deny, on the other hand, she has already discussed with Su Leng to go to the end of the secret door headquarters... Even if the wind is delayed, it must be done once. .

Tianqing should know that Mo Yun will tell her in advance, is he coming? Qing Xun and Mo Yun have always been in contact, so Tian Qing will not know that she has one more identity now. Seeing that she knew that he came to see her, she continued to stay in the moon. When she did not leave, she would be very happy.

However, if he knew that she did not intend to go back with him... What would he look like? I thought it was very helpless when I thought about it. Probably... would it be very angry?

Hey, there is no way to get angry. At the moment... what Lan Yuyu can do is to accept this fact and let it go. Wait until Tianqing really comes, let's talk about it. In other words... the boat is naturally straight to the bridge, but it hasn't arrived yet... It's better to do it for the time being! Haha!

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