15. Mink's Party

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"She don't even really want me there you think she wants me bring a guest" I asked on the phone
"Are you ashamed of me" Veronica asked me
"Bruh I don't know if it's hormones or you really just this clingy and annoying but you really starting to piss me off with these questions" I said twirling in my chair
"I'm just saying I don't see why we can't go together"
"Because there's no we" I said running my palm down my face
"There is a we we are parents" She said
"Yes we are parents but this isn't our sons party this is my daughters party not my daughter with you my daughter with Nicki" I said trying to break it down to her
"Okay but still Fah's going to be there" She said
"Iont know where you got that information from but yeah because Nicki and Fah are cool"
"Well maybe if Nicki meet me she'll be cool with me"
"Ima call you back because you blowing me"

I hung up the phone and got up and walked into the booth and put my headphones on.


"Oh my god you getting bigger" Candi said referring to my belly so i closed my robe
"Yeah I know" I said
"How are you going to hide this tomorrow" She asked me
"Well i'm going to wear this loose t-shirt dress" I told her
"Hopefully no one can tell" She told me

I shrugged and walked off to the basement. I started sweeping the floor and getting the game room ready since the party was going to be both indoor and outdoor but mostly the indoor was for the grown ups. I felt my phone vibrate in my robe pocket and I looked to see it was Meek calling.

"Hello" I said
"Uhh hi" I said a little confused since I still wasn't talking to him
"I called Mars ipad and she didn't answer" He said
"She taking a nap"
"Okay well I'm on my way to get her I'm pulling up in like 3 minutes"
"Well why when she's sleep what you want me wake her up so she can be cranky"
"Nic I'm really like pulling up Ima just come chill til she get up"
"No you not" I said continuing to sweep
"Nic I'm not fucking playing with you fuck all that"

He said then hung up. I shrugged my shoulders and continued to sweep.


I pulled in front of Nicki house and rushed out the car and took my old key and unlocked the door.

"What's up Candi where Nicki" I asked her
"Basement" She said with her mouth full of ice cream

I jogged to the basement door and opened it and went downstairs.

"You gon stop playing with me" I said and she jumped
"How you get in here"
"You forgot I got my old key" I asked and she stayed quiet
"I know I fucked up but you gone stop treating me like a germ" I added

She didn't say anything but continued to sweep so I snatched the broom from her.

"Give it back" She said trying take it from my grip
"Nick what do I have to do for you to forgive me"
"Go back in time"
"I wish I could but I can't and I cant just act like I don't have a baby out here but all I'm asking is that you act like you can stand me for the sake of our baby girl" I said and she nodded
"I guess I can do that" She said softly and I pulled her into a hug
"Well I'm glad y'all got that worked out but y'all baby wants yall" Candi said walking into the basement with my princess in her arms
"Hi baby" I said taking her from Candi



"Meek don't be late she needs to go to her hair appointment at 9" I said
"Mmhm" He mumbled on the other end
"MEEK" I yelled and he jumped up
"Come on" I said then hearing shuffling in the background
"Okay okay I'm up i'm about to get ready then Ima get her ready" He said
"Thank you" I said
"I don't see why she has to go to the hair salon anyways I could've did it the hair salon is too grown" He said
"Don't touch my babies hair and it's not grown"
"What you think I'm going do" He asked me
"Give her a bald spot or something just take her to the hair appointment and make sure she gets dressed and don't let her eat in her outfit until she gets here and make sure she's here by three" I told him
"Okay Nic" he said and I hung up



It was 4:37pm and we was a little late but I had to buy Mars another outfit because she got her other one dirty. I was driving my Rolce Royce with Mars in the back and Tak, Omelly, Coon, and the rest of my team was on they bikes behind us but I had to drive because my baby wasn't getting on no damn bike.

We pulled up in front of Nicki's house and everybody was standing outside waiting for my princess. My mom, Nicki's mom and dad, Micaiah, Papi, Fah, Candi, Thembi, Iesha, Titi, and some others.

We pulled up and I got out the car and went around and opened the door for Mars. She hid behind me because she was a little shy.

"PAPI" She yelled running to Pap

He picked her up and kissed her forehead as everyone awed and the photographers and others took pictures.

"Come on you want to go see what's in the back" Nicki asked her and she shook her head
"Don't drop her" I said to Papi as he carried her to the backyard

"That's not what I had picked her out to wear" Nicki
"Shhh enjoy the party" I said kissing her forehead

We got around to the back and Mars jumped out Papi arms once she saw the pony's waiting.



"I feel a little old" Omelly said
"Man me too" I said sitting back in the chair

We had just got done cutting and eating the cake and the party was almost over. Mars had opened all her present and we was just waiting for all her little friends to go home.

"Hey can y'all help me clean up" Nicki said coming in the basement

We all said yeah then got up and went out the back door to the backyard.

"Where's Mars" I asked Nicki
"Umm she should be over.......wait who's that" Nicki asked pointing to the side of the house
"Why the fuck are you here" I yelled looking at Veronica talking to Mars
"I just wanted to bring her a gift" Veronica said


"Nicki you can't even be mad at me" I said following Nicki up the stairs
"Go home" She said walking in her room closing the door
"Nicki come in let's talk about this I'm keeping Papi for a week, and I'm taking Mars with me they sleepy I know you're sleepy I'm sleepy but I just don't want to be on bad terms when we just was cool" I said walking in her room
"Why was she at the party? Do you have her around Mink when it's your week with her? Are y'all a couple?" She asked
"I don't know she felt some type of way because I didn't want her to come with me, No I don't have her around her and no" I said
"Listen what we talked about months before Mars was born still stands, if I get a girlfriend Mars won't ever meet or know anything about her til I think it's serious" I told her and she started crying
"Nic don't cry I'm sorry I wish I can make this pain all go away Nic but I can't" I said hugging her

"Nic you hungry" I asked her feeling her stomach rumble up against my lower torso

She looked up at me and shook her head no

"I'm pregnant" She said


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