Ariana's POV:

I am starting a new school today and I am so happy but am a little scared that no one will like me. I walked in to school and I went straight to the office to get everything I needed. I got to my locker to put my books away, while I was reading my schedule I was by approached by 5 boys and 2 girls, I looked up and smiled shyly.

"Hi! My names Liz and these are my friends Tori, Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis." She said while pointing to everyone. " You must be the new student."

"Yes, I am it nice to meet you. My name is Ariana but you can call me Ari for short." I said while smiling shyly.

"Pretty name! Um, do you need any help finding your classes?" Niall asked me is his cute Irish accent.

"Um.....yeah, thanks!" I said feeling a little better around them.

"No problem!" Tori said. They walked with me for a while.

"Cool, we have all the same classes!" Tori and Liz said to me.

"Really?" I looked at my schedule and back to them. "Yay!" At least I'll have classes with people I know.

While walking around one of the boys came up to the side of me and put his arm around my shoulder. I felt nervous and looked up to see it was Zayn.

"Hi." He said while looking into my eyes in his British accent, I thought he was so cute.

WHAT! No it's your first day Ari and you already have a crush on someone you just met? You don't even know if he likes you back. UGH! Don't worry just play it cool.

"Hi" I said shly. "I really like your name it's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!" He then looked down. I blushed and think he did too.

"Thanks, I like your accent!" I said. He smiled and thanked me. We all just talked to each other about school.

Justin's POV:

Ryan and Chaz told their was a new girl today and I decided that I should add her to my long...long...list of girls. She better be hot.

(Lunch Time)

Zayn's POV:

I really like Ari she so pretty. I want to ask her out but I just met her and I don't know if she even likes me back, she might think I'm a stalker. I'll just get to know her then ask her out. We all walked to lunch and I sat next to Ari and for some reason I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She was so quiet. I like shy girls, she might be the one for me.

Ariana's POV:

I sat down next to Zayn and for some reason I felt like he was staring at me.

I blushed and kept my head down eating and then Liz whispered to me, "I think Zayn likes you."

My eyes widened and I shot my head up and whispered back "What! No he doesn't. We just met. And....and" I couldn't find my words.

" like him back?"

"What? No!"

"Don't deny it Ari I see the way that you too look at each other and he hasn't stopped staring at you since we sat down." Maybe he does like me. I didn't say anything after that and just looked down at my food hoping no one hear our conversation then Liz spoke, I was nervous of what she would say, she said "Do want to go out with him or not?"

I looked up at her and said "Yes. But he would never go out with a girl like me."

"Well see about that." I looked at her with a confused face and then she got up and went over to Zayn and said "Hey Zayn can talk to you in private?"

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