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as kevin waited outside the shop for sunwoo, he tapped his foot impatiently. all he wanted was some coffee, why was the boy taking so long?

"I'm gonna sun whoop your ass if you don't get here soon." kevin mumbled to himself as he checked his messages.

minutes later, he saw sunwoo walking with another person. he couldn't really make out who it was so he wiped his specs and looked again.

"oh." as he then smiled devilishly. "what a nice surprise."

sunwoo and haknyeon stopped in front of kevin greeting him. kevin giving a look, sunwoo rolled his eyes. "hey boy that sunwoo spilled coffee on."

haknyeon glared at kevin, "yeah yeah, hi kevin. I brought a friend but he should be here in a couple minutes."

"fine with me, all I want is my coffee." kevin told, then opening the door to enter the shop.

sunwoo sighing, the three boys were greeted by the honey smell and strong aroma of coffee beans. kevin smiling, he immediately went over to the line.

"why couldn't he just go by himself?" haknyeon questioned.

"his reason is because he hates being lonely and he's scared that our manager will randomly call him in. so he brings friends to make it seem as if he's busy."

haknyeon made an 'o' shape with his mouth, understanding. "that makes sense. but jacob will be here soon."

sunwoo nodded, "ill pay for your drink, what do you want? save us a table alright."

"anything is fine."

"I'll get you water then." as sunwoo walked away, ignoring the whines from the older boy.

haknyeon sitting at a table, he got a text from jacob.

baecob : I'm bringing juyeon. he said he's bored.

hakyuhhh : alright, I'm sitting at a table saving us seats

bacob : mkayyy

the door jingling from the bell on top, there presented jacob and juyeon. the two boys waving at haknyeon, "hey I'll go sit with haknyeon. wanna order my drink?"

"sure. your usual right?"

juyeon nodded, "thanks."

"no problem." jacob then walked over to the line and waited. seeing two other boys, the back of someone's head looked awfully familiar. he was already ordering, but he looked a bit closer.

"milk pourer?" he whispered to himself, catching someone's attention.

"oh hey, are you the friend haknyeon was talking about?" a voice questioned, startling jacob.

he nodded awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck he smiled. "y—yeah.. I am."

"look I don't bite, don't be all nervous. but I'm sunwoo."

jacob's eyes brightened. "oh~ the boy haknyeon regularly blabs about."

sunwoo's cheeks automatically became red, "what?"

"nothing! but it looks like it's your turn to order.."

sunwoo raised a brow, leaving the boy to order jacob gave a sigh of relief. "what is he doing here?"

watching kevin grab his drink, he went over to the table haknyeon was at. "oh no..don't tell me.."

jacob having a slight panic attack, he wasn't ready to face kevin yet. the multiple times he's called him a bitch and everything was just for fun. he would never call the boy that in real life. he would feel a huge amount of guilt in him. kevin would finally understand the huge difference between online jacob and in real life jacob.

"just stay calm jacob. j—just be yourself.."

jacob going over to order, he got his and juyeon's drink in no time. going over to the table, he greeted everyone. trying to not seem as awkward as possible.

"h—hey guys..juyeon here's your drink." as he then passed it over.


kevin who was currently glued onto his phone didn't even look up. all he said was, "hi I'm kevin nice to meet you."

jacob didn't respond, he just let the conversation flow on itself. kevin being quiet, he bit his lip anxiously.

"so jacob—"

god dammit juyeon..

"oh I know a boy named jacob. he always insults me because I pour my milk in first rather than the cereal." kevin chuckled as he looked up. he then took a sip of his coffee.

haknyeon trying to hold in his laugh, he looked away. kevin looking around the table, there sat jacob right next to him.

his eyes widening, kevin almost choked. "I—it's—"

"the boy who said mariah carey was better. y—yep yes it is.."

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