Chapter DEBT

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 If being in debt with book updates was a thing I would be sooooo behind . Anyway without further adew. This is an update about whats going to be going down. I have not been updating as frequently as I wanted to this summer sadly. Le sigh~ But I also have been dealing with many things (which really isn't an excuse because everyone has things to deal with lol and I am not the only one) I just need to get my ass in gear. 

In a few weeks school will also be starting and it will be my junior year (supposedly the most busy and hardest year or so I have heard) that will probably get in the way of my updates and also I'm possibly looking for a new job or a second job which will also coincide with updates as well as plays during the school year but those only happen every three months and for a few days during the week. Hopefully I can manage all these things better this year which is what I'm going to make that my goal. 

I'm planning on the idea that I can at least get an update every month whether its during the beginning or end of the month or the middle depending on how long the chapters are. I do have main focuses of books to update though those include ,Fireflies An Fma fanfic, and the Those Cold Eyes of Stone JTK fanfic. On a new note since the JTK fanfiction is nearing the end I'm in the process of writing the sequel which will probably come out in two months depending on when I finish TCEOS (look above to understand the my lazy way of writing out my long ass book name). Then with the sequel I will be coming out with an original story by the name of Explicit and that will come out around the time of the JTK sequel. 

For those of you following Fireflies , I just wanted to add that the amazing  has inspired me ,as I have said to finish this book but as well as something else! After some talking about it and planning (I will give no spoilers but this) she has been a good enough friend to agree to merge my book into her Same But Different Series (which is really good if you have not read them yet!) so Fireflies is apart of the Same But Different books as a merging type of situation and I hope that when I get to the merging point she will be happy with how it goes into her books and that you readers will enjoy! I'm happy that I can be apart of it and that I have made friends with her because she's super cool! Her series will blow you guys away! 

Flower Crowns followers , well lets just say it's going to be on hiatus because me and my co-author 

MoonlightHysteria      Have not touched this book in a while and I have no idea where the it's going haha. I'm sure we will figure it out though. 

That's most of my recent news and I hope the monthly updates will work better then the weekly update plan. I really do appreciate when I see people vote for my stories or any messages I get ! Your all so amazing and much loved! Also the song featured in this update is my jam at the moment and its really good thank you all so much for reading or even considering the idea of reading ! -Anime_Nerd36 <3

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