How Long (Human Leo x reader)

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A/n this is my 10k special i hope you like it. all the turtles are human.


Leo's P.O.V

we were all fighting the shredder trying to find a way out without losing someone "Casey Marcy Raph Go left!Donnie April Mikey go right (Y/n) you and me go inbetweens!" i shouted grabbing (Y/n)'s hand as we all disburse down the 3 hallways. "Leo i can't see." (Y/n) whimpered "hang in there i got you." i told them as i picked them up on my back and started running "I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE LEONARDO!" shredder shouted as the walls started closing in "LEO!" (Y/n) cried out in panic "hang on!" i shouted setting them  down and holding the walls in place          "(Y/n) how long do you think we can last?" i asked her as she looked at the walls "not long." she said "how long is that?" i asked her "about 10 minutes" she said shaking "ok... listen i need to tell you something." i said "what?" she said "we have known each other for a while since Marcy introduced you to us, ever since i first met you i have had this feeling, what im trying to say is i like you more than friends, if we get out of this will you be mine?" i asked "you mean when le not if" (Y/n) said as she put her back to the wall and put her feet to the other and started climbing "(Y/n) what ar3 you doing?" i asked them confused "i see a lever and a vent at the top follow me." they said after a wile of climbing she flipped the lever and the vent opened "Leo only one of use is gonna make it there's not enough time!" she shouted "go!!!" i screamed shoving her in and falling to an open vent at the bottom.

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

He he fell and died "LEO!!!" I screamed as the walls closed so i couldent see anything "(Y/n)!!" i heard the others shout and crawl over to me "where's Leo?" raph asked "he go crushed by the wall after shoving me in" i screamed "no i didn't." Leo's voice rang as he fell on top of me from another vent "LEO!" i screamed and kissed him 


tada i was gonna kill him bat decided not to ok people please leave prompts or requests, i take any and all! i need your help for this though i am brain dead.

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