He's Gone...

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I fricking love this cover so much. Honestly, without Pinterest I wouldn't be able to find these great covers so you have that to thank. Anyway, this is request for the AMAZING MiddleEarth111 . I hope you guys like it!

You ran, breathing so hard that your chest and throat burned. You had just finished killing the last Uruk-Hai, and you were trying to find the rest of the Fellowship. Through the tall, dark trees you saw both the short, stout figure of Gimli and the tall, muscular figure of Legolas running in the distance. Thank goodness they're okay. A huge weight was lifted from your chest. You were always the type that cared a lot about others. Particularly, you had started to care for Legolas.

You had finally caught up to them.

"Where are the hobb-oh..." your voice broke off as you saw the scene before you.

"Be at peace, Son of Gondor," Aragorn murmured to the lifeless body of Boromir and placed a kiss on his forehead. You felt your heart sink and slowly shatter in to thousands of pieces. I didn't even get to say goodbye... You looked back and forth between the members of the Fellowship. Aragorn was bent over in grief. Gimli was solemn and he was sadder than you had ever seen him. Poor Legolas... You frowned sadly as you looked at the elf prince. His expression looked like a sad baby animal. He seemed confused... scared even. He was a prince. Elves like him didn't see deaths and horrors like this everyday. This must be so hard for him after the death of Gandalf.

You were a Silvan elf warrior. Although you had been in many battles and seen many deaths, Boromir's death still unsettled your soul. I came into the Fellowship expecting success. I never expected Gandalf and Boromir to leave like this. And now, the hobbits are nowhere to be found. Maybe I'm useless... I should've done more to protect the Fellowship. Your eyebrows crinkled in discouragement. You were always hard on yourself and you always wanted to protect others.


It was only you, Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn. Aragorn had suggested that you and the others would camp out and relax. Everyone agreed. It was nighttime and awfully quiet. Only the sound of crickets and the occasional mosquito or owl hoot could be heard beyond the crackling of the fire.

You sniffled and your eyes watered. You had still been discouraged about not being able to help the hobbits like you wanted to and not being able to help Boromir in time. In reality, you were fighting countless Uruk-Hai, and you were so swarmed by them that you were barely able to notice what was happening. You just always felt the need to take care of others. Your eyes started to water more, and you knew that if you didn't get up and walk away you were going to cry in front of the Fellowship. You were going to cry in front of Legolas. Your heart beat nervously just at the thought of that.

"I'm going to take a walk," your voice was basically a cracked whisper. Quickly, you got up from your seat on a fallen log and you fast-walked into the depths of the forest.


I looked up from where I sat when Y/N spoke. Before I could say anything, she was gone in a flash. I sighed. She seemed so sad. I hope she's okay. She's so sweet. I hate seeing her like this; she deserves someone who can take care of her and comfort her. After sitting with my thoughts for a few minutes I decided to get up and go after her.


As I walked through the thick forest, I paused just before I reached a clear area in the forest. Hiding behind a sturdy oak, I peeked around the trunk of the tree and listened. The sound of sniffling and weeping reached my sensitive, pointed ears. My heart sank as I saw the pitiful form of Y/N sitting on a large tree stump and crying her heart out. I couldn't help myself, so I almost instantly started walking towards her to see what was wrong. I stepped on a dead twig, and Y/N whipped her head up once she heard the noise.

Quickly, Y/N wiped her eyes and nervously asked, "W-What are you doing here, Legolas?" Her soulful, e/c eyes widened in embarrassment. She gulped and fidgeted with her hands.

"I was just wondering what's wrong. You seemed awfully upset about something. But if you want, I can leave..." I started to turn around towards camp.

"Wait! You can stay Legolas," Y/N sheepishly looked away and patted next to her on the tree stump. I nodded and sat next to her, brushing my shoulder against hers. I tried not to blush because of the close proximity to her. Get it together Legolas. It's just Y/N, who happens to still be the most beautiful lady in Middle Earth, but still.

"So what's wrong, Y/N?" I tentatively asked, looking at her with my piercing, blue eyes.

She sighed, fiddling with a piece of hair that dangled from her head, "I just... wish I was a better elf, Legolas. I should've been there to say goodbye to Boromir. I should've been there to save him. I should've been there to save the hobbits. I probably shouldn't even be in the Fellowship," my eyes widened in surprise as her voice cracked with this last sentence. I had never seen Y/N like this. "I'm just a stupid Silvan elf," Y/N hissed, her face contorting into a frown of emotional pain.

"Y/N..." I breathed out her name, sincerely placing my hand on her shoulder. Y/N looked up at me. A sparkling tear slowly cascade down her beautiful eyes to her soft chin. "You've helped out the Fellowship so, so much. You can't be so hard on yourself, Y/N. I saw you-you we're fighting those Uruk-Hai like all of Arda depended on it. I've never see. Such a skilled warrior like you. Without you, things would be so much harder for the Fellowship."

"Really, Legolas...?"

"Of course, Y/N. You can't ever forget how special you are. How special you are... to me." My heartbeat started racing as I stared deeply into the shimmering circles that were her eyes. As she blushed, her face was outlined by the moonlight. Y/N smiled slightly then looked up at me. My breath caught in my throat as I realized how close she was.

"You're very special to me too, Legolas." Her warm breath billowed across my silky blonde hair, causing it to shift on my broad shoulders.

We both leaned in closer...

HUEHUEHUE I love ending on cheesy sentences like this. I hope that this fanfic was good, I tried to salvage it together. I wish I was a better writer. Anyway, please don't forget to comment and vote.

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