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The fascinating eyes are necessary, but the meaning is unclear, and the eyes that are too ambiguous are not needed, right? These people still want to continue to do this?

In the cabaret exhibition hall, Lan Yuyu originally planned this way, but after thinking about it carefully, I felt that it was not quite right and the attraction was not enough. Just dancing who will not? Usually, there are a few girls in the brothel who can sing and dance. If there are no features, how can they attract customers?

There are also beautiful people in the brothel of the people's house, they will dance, and they will accompany them to sleep! Feng Lingge did not accompany this one, and it clearly fell.

Lan Qin Yu will not dance, but she will watch the dance and will teach people to jump. Although she can't jump well, she still has the confidence to teach others, at least if she can make suggestions, madly suggest, and know that the action is up to standard.

Everyone will dance, even if she does not demonstrate, tell her about the effect she wants, normal people can understand and learn.

  Lu You dances beautifully and looks good in flexibility. Later, you can teach Lu You and then pass on the Lu You to teach others. Even if the dance coach has it? Hey.

"Ah, tired, I said to have a break, I am going to die, my feet are sore!" A little girl, who stood in the position next to the flower, suddenly stopped moving and complained bitterly. .

The sound of the piano stopped, and other people stopped because of her movements, and the green glaze sighed. "We can't practice half an hour, and there are still many people who are not moving neatly. Let's work harder."

  Lu You just happened to see Lan Qin Yu sitting on the wooden chair next to it. The latter used the expression to let Lu You continue, regardless of her.

tired? Xiao Cuier pulled down her shoulders, and did she have a fan of her own hands and sweat? A little sweat can not see, where will be tired, in addition to saying tired when seemingly very sad, now has to sit down to rest, can be satisfied very, the feet sour?

Lan Yuyu smirked badly, and then suddenly looked at the back of Xiao Cuier in amazement: "Ah, what is behind Xiao Cuier? It seems to be a cockroach..."

"Ah -"

Not to mention Xiao Cuier, the girl who rested next to her, screamed, almost flew up, yelling at the top of her voice, it was a miserable! For a time, the girls in the backyard were in a mess, and wherever they were, you hit me and I hit you. Finally, the readers' mouths were not touching their chins or stroking their foreheads.

Oops, this is not the intention of Lan Qin Yu. Who knows that women here are so scared? But just hear a slogan, you can't be screamed, you have to be sprinted, still running around? The yard is not small, but there are more than 10 people here, plus such people suddenly wander around in one place... not to blame.

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