Chapter 9 This Is New

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Error's p.o.v.

I get home, finish my homework, and check on Geno's condition. I bury face on top of Geno's chest and cry. "I'm sOrRy. I lOvE yOu GeNo. Y...yOu'Re tHe b...bEsT." I continue to ramble.

Geno's p.o.v.

I open my sockets in a daze. 'Ugh! What a headache.' I feel something damp on my chest. Error's too busy crying his eyes out to notice that I'm awake. "It'S aLl mY fAuLt...I have Ink to lean on at least." Silent tears continue to dampen my shirt. "YoU m...mIsSed sOmEthIng tOdAy...I l...lAuGheD. WiSh yOu wErE tHeRe tO sEe FrEsh aNd CoDe's sUrPriSeD fAcEs. Ink looked so happy that I laughed, too. I slept on his shoulder and had no nightmares either." Error rambles. 'All that? He must really care about Ink. Ink's really made him this happy? I should thank him.' "Error?...I think you might want to get off of Geno brah." I look towards the voice and see Fresh with tears falling down his face. Code is beside fresh with a very happy smile and tears of his own. "No! I'm nOt gEtTinG uP!" Error yells. "I think you'd really want to get up." Fresh says. "FiNe I'm uP! YoU hApPy?!" Error yells, now looking at Fresh. Fresh signals me to get up, so I go behind Error. "Huh? WhY aRe yOu cRyIng?" Error goes from mad to really concerned. 'Classic Error. Can't stay mad at anyone for more than 3 seconds.'

"I heard you missed me." I say in his non-existent ear. He tenses up and starts shaking. By the look of Code and Fresh's face I can tell that Error is crying. Error quickly turns around and tackles me back onto my mattress. "GENO!" Error yells with a big smile. "I can't wait to see you back at school. Reaper told me he needed to talk to you." Error says. "He did?" I question. "YeA...hE sOuNdeD rEaLlY wOrRieD. He aSkEd wHeRe yOu wErE aNd eVeRytHiNg." Error tells me. 'Reaper? Why would he care about where I am?' Error stares at my face. "*laughs* Are you ok? *laughs* Your face is so red." Fresh says and continues laughing. "WhAt hApPeNed tHat mAdE yOuR fAcE So rEd?" Code asks. I cover up my face with my scarf. "N...Nothing!" I yell. "L...Let's just s...sleep." I change the subject. "CaN wE sLeEp ToGetHer tHeN." Error asks. "Sure...I'd like that." I say.

Error's p.o.v.

We sit on Geno's mattress in a huddle. We just fall asleep like that, all holding each other. 'He's awake. We'll be ok.'

Ink's p.o.v.

I wake up Paint and start making breakfast. I then make something special for Error. We eat, wait at the stop, and get on the bus. When Error and his brothers enter the bus the 1st thing I see is Error's smile and...Geno?

"He's back?"
"I thought he'd never come back."
"He was probably just sick, dumbasses."

I then hear an excited voice. "Oh my stars! Geno!" I laugh at Reaper's excitement. Reaper runs up to Geno and tells him something I can't make out earning a surprised look and a nod from Geno.

"InK!" Error yells. "MeEt mE bY tHaT 1 tReE oUtSidE aT lUnCh." Error says and goes to sit with his brothers. In the corner of my eye I see a girl dressed in different shades of grey and void black eyes looking at Error a little too fondly. I myself am bisexual, but what about Error? I peer behind my seat at Blue and Dream. "Who's that?" I ask, pointing to the girl. "Oh, that's then new girl, Core. All I know is that she's a jock and that she's looking at Error in a way that says that she's going to make a move. This could be a problem if you like Error." Dream says. "No! My ship! Ink x Error needs to sail!" Blue yells, shaking Dream back and forth. 'For a jock I swear he ships way too much.' "Stop! You ship Ink with Error, so bother Ink about it. If not then write a fanfic or something." Dream says. "Why, Dream? Whatever, we still have tryouts this week." I tell them. "Will Error join a sport?" Dream asks. "I have ship names." Blue says completely ignoring us. "What are they? Let me hear it." Dream has fallen victim to shipper. "Errink, FreshDecay, Cream, Frans, Chasriel, and Afterdeath." Blue says. "And Dustberry." I say outloud, making Blue blush. "What are those ship names for?" Dream asks. "Errink is Ink x Error, Afterdeath is Geno x Reaper, Cream is of course you x Cross, FreshDecay is Fresh x Decay, Frans is Classic x Frisk, Chasriel is Chara x Asriel." Dream's face is gold from the Cream ship. I'm laughing so hard. I catch Error looking at me when I start laughing. He's staring...not in a creepy way. The bus then stops. Core approaches Error.

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