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"I have never been to practice, but now the secret door is very busy. I really can't go. It's also a separate one. You go with Qianyou, don't run your own work, don't know how long, let him put it down." "Let Qianyou follow him to see him martial arts, more professional, stronger than her half-hanger, the purpose is to make Qianyou really become very powerful, the feeling of growing a big hand... not the same.

Of course, there is no difference in the hands of the fake thousand, haha!

"Why should I go with him to practice, I am not interested in it!" I am not interested in this Yanmen door! However, Qianyou's cleverness did not say the latter part of the sentence. As far as his observations have been made, if he says it, his face will definitely be destroyed by Qian Luo! Ghost will be stupid to say it.

"I said that the kid said that I want to dislike it. I am also abandoning you. Are you dissatisfied with it? You will follow me and you will become an amazing big man in the future!"

"Hey!" What big man, he has no interest, come here just want to stay with Lan Qin Yu, why 'throw' him to Qian Luo...

Qianyou negatively turned his face and no longer looked at Lan Qin Yu, is it a compromise?


Three days later,  Qian Luo and Qian You left the country, and the beautiful young boy who was rarely found by Lan Qin Yu did not have to tease (self-seeking), so he had to turn to the wind. The re-decoration of Fengling Pavilion has been carried out a lot. Lan Qin Yu got up early and went to the wind to go 'inspection'. The name is inspection. In fact, it is idle and boring. There is nothing to do, just to pass the time.

After Lan Qin Yu came to the wind, she only said hello to Su Leng and Qing Xun, who were busy sending people to decorate, and went straight to the backyard. The backyard of Fengling Pavilion is large, with some flowers and plants around it, and a stone table and several wooden chairs on the right.

"Lu You is teaching the girls to dance in the backyard."

When Lan Qin Yu asked about Lu You, Qingxun answered this question, so she also took it for granted to see the results.

The leisurely ancient piano sounds in the courtyard, and several graceful people dance in the center of the courtyard. The green in the middle is the Lu You headed by, and the left side is dancing with her on the left side hua rong.

Seeing those song movements and dance steps, it is obviously a dance that is often seen in ancient times. Compared with the modern and bold dance style, it is more subtle, euphemistic and feminine. But in the eyes of Lan Qin Yu, it is too virtual...

There is no vitality in jumping, only the pair of eyes are subconsciously turning. There is no doubt that in the drunken building, in order to earn more, the habit of making a wink has not changed...

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