9.Rescue Mission (part 1)

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(Adrianna's POV) A few hours earlier when she first got back to the foster home

It was bitter sweet walking back up those stairs where it all started. I'm happy to be reconnecting with Adrianna but I couldn't look back to wave goodbye knowing that Jack's car was still in the same spot and all I would see his hurt in his eyes after what I've done. He deserves better than me anyway and I hope he does find better.
I take one deep breath before I open the doors of my pass and let it close on what could've been my future.
I walk to the front desk and ask for Ms.Ava. The receptionist tells me to take a seat and wait so that's what I do.
I can't help but feel a little nervous because I don't know what Ms.Ava might think or say. As if on queue Ms.Ava walks out the waiting room and spots me. I immediately feel myself sink into the chair as she gets closer.
Disappointment in her eyes.
"Adrianna what are you doing back here" she asks.

"I asked Jack to bring me back" I say while looking down at my feet.

"Hmmm I'm very disappointed in you Adrianna. He was a very sweet man."

"Yeah I know" I saw, slowly feeling like I'm gonna cry.

"Well come this way. Your room hasn't been taken yet so it's still yours." She open my room door for me and then leaves to deal with some paperwork.
As I enter everything is the same as I left it. I place my stuff on my bed and lay down for a little as an attempt to clear my mind.
I sit up right away as I remember who I really came back for. LILLYYYYYYYY
I run down the halls to her room and buss open the door with excitement.
"What the absolute fuck" I whisper to myself in confusion. All I see is this red head girl laying in Lilly's bed with headphones in her ear. I'm boiling with anger and confusion.

    "Excuse me!" I attempt to get her attention but she can't hear me. I stomp my way over to her and pull off her headphones.

  "Why are you in Lilly's bed?" I question.

  "Who the fuck is that?" She say grabbing her headphones out of my hands.

  "The girls bed you're laying in bitch!" I yelled.
I tried to have patience but this girls attitude is pushing my last god damn button. She stands up from the bed and gets in my face.

"I wouldn't try that shit if I were you. Sit the fuck down before I gotta make you sit down." I say in a calm voice.

"I'm not scared of a little dumb bitch like you." She says while rolling her eyes.

Okay that's it.....

With one swift motion I pull her hair which cause her head to tilt all the way back, with my other hand I punched her in the face multiple times.
Right on time before I could do more damage Ms.Ava rushed in pulling me away from whoever this girl was.
"Adrianna come with me right away. I don't know what's gotten into you!" Ms.Ava yelled.
Pulling me by the wrist into her office, which was all the way at the end of the hall.

"Adrianna would you explain what just happened." Ms.Ava asks. I roll my eyes and slowly walk over to the chair in front of her desk, taking a seat.

"However that girl is, is in Lilly's bed! All I did was ask a question and she was being a bitchy cunt about it!" I answered with anger evident in my voice.

  "Watch your mouth Adrianna. Enough is enough already! I don't know what has gotten into you." says Ms.Ava.

"I'm sorry Ms.Ava it's just......Where's Lilly?" I ask.
Ms.Ava looks me in my eyes and I can tell something was wrong.

  "Adrianna....Lilly was adopted a bit after you were" she looks at my with sympathy in her eyes.

"Wh-what do you mean? Lilly's gone? Who adopted her?" I ask on the verge of tears.

  "Adrianna you know I can't give you that information but if it does help, he looked like a very caring gentleman." She replies while handing me some tissue.

"Did she say anything before she left?" I asked.

"Actually yes she did. She said that she loves you and that no matter what she'll see you again eventually. She also told me to tell you forget about the promise you guys made to each other and try to be happy."

I'm lost for words at this point. Lilly's gone. I ruined everything with Jack. I got into a fight with some thundercunt.
  I don't even respond to Ms.Ava, instead I walk out and head start to my room. I'm exhausted and I just feel like crying my eyes out.

I lay in my bed and pull the covers over my head slowly crying myself to sleep. I can't stop from thinking about Jack. I was bratty and mean to him for no reason and I hurt him. I'm a horrible person and I deserve what I'm going through. I just hope he finds happiness because he sure deserves it, Lilly too.

I feel myself drifting off to sleep where all I can dream about is what could've been.

PART 2 coming very soon!
I'm so excited guys because this book is actually charting and it's all because of you guys.

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