112 take leave (3)

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  Qian Luo has to accept this situation reluctantly, and Qian you wished that he would not care, as long as Xiao Yu did not always mention the matter. Continue to ignore the will of Qianyou, take care of his neck and take care of his chest.

"Since you have said this, I will take it for him! I entered the door of Yan, and I personally taught it by the instant, and the fool can become a master of martial arts. You can rest assured!"

When Qianyou wanted to get rid of his arm, he almost didn't pick up when he heard this.

"You say who is stupid!" What is a stupid person can also become a master of martial arts, which is a turn to say that he is a fool? !

Qian Luo,  it was said that it was reminded by Qianyou, and Lan Qin Yu was also together. The two people did not laugh at the face of Qianyou.

"Hah, haha, laughing at me." Lan Qin Yu patted the table, patting her stomach, laughing that it was an exaggeration.

  Qian Luo also took Qian you by the back, and then began to 'destroy' his white cheeks, laughing: "I said you, really cute. I just casually said, you can actually Check in, haha. Interesting, very interesting."

There is no feeling of being forced. Instead, I feel that it is right to let Qianyou follow me. Maybe... I will reuse him later.

At that time, if Xiao Yu wants someone, he may not necessarily be oh...

Instead of sullenly giving a smile to Lan Qin Yu, he came to a cup of tea and let her breathe. She found that Qianyou's face was red and the apple was ripe, and she stopped laughing.

Right, right, first talk about business.

"Qian Luo, you are here to find me, right? You haven't said, what?"

Is it about the inside of the door?

  Qian luo also stopped laughing, but the hand continued to knead Qianyou by his reddish cheeks, which seemed to be addictive.

"In fact, it is not very important. In addition to the situation, I will solve it. I may have to leave the month to come and tell you something."

"Leaving the moon?" I thought it was Qian Luo wanting  to come to Fengyuntang, is this really something to come?

Leave the moon... ?? I remember that before xiu er,  said that the refining is one of the four small countries, ah! It was the envoy that came when she first came! Doesn't that person be refined? Well, how to say it, to smelt this place, since that time in the mind of Lan Qin Yu, the definition of a country that is not a great thing has been formed.

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