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Qian You obviously did not put Qian Luo in his eyes, and he did not care about it. Yanmen Gate Lord? Who is the doorkeeper, who will feel scared when he sees this virtue?

One continues to squeeze, one desperately wants to get rid of, but there is no feeling, Lan Qin Yu feels that this picture is very interesting, but also very eye-catching.

The picture of two handsome guys together, it must be more eye-catching! Looking at this fun scene, the brain flashed and noticed.

"Qian Luo, his skills are also very good, you are the main door of Yanmen, and it is an instant, the kung fu is quite simple, how can you teach him martial arts?"

She had just taken over the secret door, and she hadn't fully figured out the things in the door, and now she has the intention to change the inside of the secret door. It is not suitable for Qian you to join. If a good young man is delayed, she can become a sinner.

Qian Luo... I don't want to talk about his personal private life. Just look at his status, martial arts, and the words of the mind to teach Qianyou. It is no problem to train him into a first-class talent.

In fact, the most important thing is... Lan Qin Yu suddenly feels that these two people stand together and look special! On the surface, they also disguised each other's expressions, but she felt that if they were to get along with each other, they should become a very tacit partner.

Stinky? Ha, describe Qian Luo okay, using this to describe Qianyou is a bit wrong.

Lan Qin Yu feels good about herself, so Qianyou is so divided into Qian Luo, and the latter to is dissatisfied.

"Wait, Xiao Yu, are you kidding? Why do you suddenly push this kid to me?" There are no more talents, but she did not see that Qianyou is very interested in her?

When he looked at him, he swallowed the stool. The face was ugly and the attitude was bad. When he was facing Xiaoyu, he was drinking honey, and my face was not showing up. Xiao Yu is really not sure? Or... just because she knows, let Qianyou follow him?

There is no such possibility. There is Ruoyun around, and there are two first-class bodyguards, such as Su Leng and Qing Xun, who are closely following the protection. There are a few more people, and she is afraid that she will not be able to bear it...

Lan Qin Yu looked at Qian Luo in disappointment. What did this person think about?

"Now the secret door is not suitable for him to join during the rectification period. The ability of Yanmen and the secret door is similar. Let Xiao Qianyou hone it first."

"I don't want to!" Qianyou asked for the arm that was pressed against his shoulder, and said very sadly.

He came here to stay in the side of Lan Qin Yu, but not to join the Yanmen, why he wants to follow this... It is said that the door of Yanmen is like a cheeky man who is no different from a rogue!

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