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"How come you are free?"

Looking at them like this, who can think of this as the doorkeeper of the Yanmen and the secret door that once opposed each other?

  Qian Luo did not answer, but looked at the people who were behind her and smiled.

"I have something, so I am coming, but where are you going? Who is the man who turned back?"

In the past few days, I have investigated the matter about Lan Qin Yu. Except that she is the Princess of the Qing Dynasty, the door of the secret door, her life is not much worse. This makes Qian Luo very doubtful. But at the same time, he also found that it seems that there are always many very good men around this Qin Yu...

It is not necessary to say that he is not in a relationship with her, but she seems to have that kind of good luck. Every time I meet people are men...

This young boy is also beautiful enough to be described as handsome. It is that people feel very beautiful at first glance.

"Damn! What are you talking about, what is called me to turn back, is that people like me, voluntarily follow me!" Lan Qin Yu is proud to look up and chest, by the way, gave Qian Luo an elbow .

Qian You listened to Qin Yu saying that he liked her and his face began to get hot again. damn it! What is wrong with him today, how do you always feel so hot...

  Qian Luo have not let go of his blushing expression, let alone Xiao Yu has that meaning, but this boy seems to like Xiao Yu very much, suddenly felt a little uncomfortable in the heart, the impression of unclear under the pressure of Qian Luo, laugh : "Yes, yes, no one can compare the charm of Lan Qin Yu. They are all volunteers. He is also OK. Right, he is?"

  Lan Qin Yu, a smile, embarrassed, and forgot to ask his name.

I have always been a lotus boy, a young lotus boy, almost directly regarded the name of the family as a beautiful young boy...damn.

"Qian You."

Didn't wait for Lan Qin Yu to ask, Qian you consciously said it first, and Qin Yu cast a look at Qians luo.

"Your brother?"

Qian you, Qian luo... Is it a younger brother who has been lost for many years? Haha!

"How can it be."

"Who is his brother!"

At the same time, Qian you and Qian luo made a sound, and they took a look at each other. The latter stunned Qian luo, and Qian you were somewhat dissatisfied with his face, which was a very unfortunate face of his brother.

The younger brother of his lord of the door, also gave him a face? This kid!

Qian Luo, regardless of the resistance of Qian you, pressed on his shoulders, lifted the chin of Qianyou, and laughed.

"I said  you, how many people want to climb relatives, what is your attitude? Ah? I didn't disappoint you, did you dislike me first?"

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