chapter 4 Slade

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You were taking a nap on starfire lap and she was stroking your hair you woke up and star smiled at and you hugged her you got up from the couch and walked towards raven

Raven: oh hey... do you want

Y/n: nothing i just came to see what you were doing

Raven: nothing

Y/n: can I do nothing with you

Raven: heh ok

She picked you up and you hugged her she blushed and smlied for a bit and hugged back she then walked over to the couch and sat down with in her arms then a siren with robin came runing in sat a computer. Then suddenly and man with black suit with shoulder and chest armor and and was wearing a black and orange mask you looked at the titans faces and they all looked angry all robin said was.

Robin: slade

Slade: hello titans i hope I'm interrupting anything?

Robin: what do want?

Slade: I just want to give you all a challenge

Robin: what do you mean!

Slade: you see i put bombs at three locations if you fine and disarm them all they will give coordinates to my location *sees you and you hide behind cyborg's legs*Good Luck titans

Robins titans go!

They rush to the door and left not before you tugged on robin's cape and he looked down and saw you

Y/n: robin who was that? And what going on?

Robin: don't worry about it everything is gonna be ok... just stay here and we'll be right back*hugs you*

Y/n: *hugs backs* ok robin

He let's go of you and runs out the door you got up from the couch and walk towards the the hallway you looked towards a door and went walked in you saw stairs that goes up out of curiosity you walked up the stairs and at leads to the roof of the tower you saw the city and it looked beautiful from up then you saw some on the roof it looked like he was wearing a mask and armor

It looked at you and started to walk towards you and then grabbed your arm and started on Instinc you punched him in the face then you sweep kicked him on the floor. you backed up and it got back up and starts running at you. You rolled under it and then you got on both of your hands and doubled kicked him. You started punched in the gut and spinned kick him you got up then grabbed your right arm pulle out a needl and stick it in your arm you you didn't feel it. He pushed you but instead of fall falling to the ground you did a double backfilped as you did the titans came running up the stairs.

Everyone: Y/N !?!

You looked saw the titans and they looked surprised and shocked to see you do that flip just then that guy you were fighting jumps off the tower and starts to fly away. the titans then came running out and saw that guy you were fighting flying away. Knowing that they'll probably be mad at you you tried to sneak away but.

Robin: hold right there y/n

You turned around and looked at there face they... looked mad

Robin: I told you to stay on the couch

Y/n: I did It's just that i got board and i saw a door it didn't have any of your names on it so i walked through the door and came up here... I'm sorry

Robin: it's ok y/n but you could have fell off the roof and when did you

Cyborg: yeah and where did you learn how to do that?

Y/n: you mean that fliped i did? my parents signe me up for gymnastics

Robin: they did?

Y/n: yeah

Beastboy: dude it's like you're turning into robin

Y/n: they also signed me up for karate

Cyborg: bb is right you really are turning the robin

Y/n: that guy who was here before you guys showed up grab my arm and... I punched him in the face

Everyone: WHAT!?!

Y/n: he grabbed my arm I didn't know I was supposed to do

They all looked at each other with we concerned looks and then looked back to you.

Robin: what you did was dangerous

Y/n *signs and looks down* I know

Robin: but what you did was back there was incredible

Y/n: really?

Cyborg: yeah dog

Robin:so that's why we're... making you making you a titan in training

Your eyes widen you jumped up and down and you hug robin and saying thank you to everyone you. Starfire then picked you and walked downs stairs.

Y/n: so you guys stop slade?

Robin: we stopped the bombs but slade lied about the bombs give us his location

Cyborg: that's why that commando was the bombs were just a distraction

Beastboy: thanks to this little guy

Starfire: yes thanks to you *tickles you and you giggle*

Robin: ok let's call it night

Raven: y/n... it be ok if ... You sleep in my room?

Y/n: sure raven

Starfire past you over to raven she then took you into her room you saw her room it was creepy and weird but it didn't scare you she put on her bed you laid down and she hugs you.

Y/n: goodnight raven

Raven: goodnight


Raven woke up and you saw asleep she quietly got out of bed and walks towards the living and she saw everyone was wake.

Raven: do we have to do this?

Beastboy: yeah dude

Robin: there is no other way guy

Cyborg: yeah...he's right

They all looked at each other and they new what they had to do so they walk towards the garage not before starfire walked into raven's room and saw you asleep she floated towards you and kissed your cheek and joined the others.

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