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The main door owner. "

Otherwise, I saw Qianyou, who was enrolled in the back of Qin Yu, and had some doubts.

Door owner? The doubts in Qianyou's heart are mostly different, isn't she a princess? What is the owner? Who is this person?

"The doorkeeper, is he?"

Is the friend of the door? Or is it new to join the hidden door? What is certain is that this person is definitely not a person of Feng Yuntang. He has been in Fengyuntang for so long, and he has never seen this person once.

The main door can bring him here, it should be ...... one of us, right?

"Of course, you should check the small cellars that often walk in the South Street, and teach them well, and my clothes are dirty. I will not be able to teach you that I am in a bad mood!"

"I  understand."

Qianyou sat in the chair on the left and saw the slamming eyes of his eyes turning around. He came here because Lan Qin Yu is coming here, and how others think he has nothing to do with him.

"As for him..."

Qianyou erected his ears, but he listened carefully.

How will he be arranged? It would be best if I could stay with her every day.

"Is Su Leng coming back?"

Suddenly the transfer of the topic almost caused Qianyou to fall off the chair. Otherwise, he also clicked on it to make sure that he did not hear the mistake. He asked the left to make a cough, and he chopped two times and said: " Back to the main, the left has not returned yet."

Su Leng did not come back?Lan Qin Yu raised eyebrows.

Originally, I wanted to let this lotus beauty boy follow Su Leng and let Su Leng train him... Su Leng still stayed in the Wind Pavilion? It's all afternoon, is there so much work?

As the secret collection office of the secret door, the only thing to do is to do the storefront well. This is impossible for Lan Qin Yu to think about. It is also considered that the operation of Su Leng is not efficient. If Su Leng knows her thoughts, I don't know. What do you think?

"But..." I hesitated a bit, and continued: "The door of Yanmen came half an hour ago, saying that I want to see you... he is waiting in the back hall."

"Qian Luo?"

Yanmen Gate Lord! ? Qianyou stood up in shock and the other two looked back at him.

"What's wrong?" What is he so excited about?

Qian You really wants to turn his eyes. What kind of eyes are you looking at? The names of the famous killer organizations on the rivers and lakes are a little surprised. Not to mention the doorkeeper of Yanmen. Do you know that the Yanmen Gate Lord does not say that people are still waiting for Lan Qin Yu? Just because she is a princess?

Lan Qin Yu smashed Qian You's thoughts and added a sentence.

"Ah! Oh, I remember this, I forgot to tell you, I am the secret doorkeeper, here is the secret door division, Fengyuntang."

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