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  Qin Yu, a flying body behind the back of Qianyou, slammed the strong man with a kick.

Everyone was stunned by the sudden appearance of Lan Qin Yu, and Qianyou was quite surprised, but did not miss this opportunity, and even beat the two people. Next, it is called a tacit understanding, two people back against the back to deal with the front and rear of the people, Qianyou consumed a lot of physical strength, Lan Qin Yu is responsible for most people.

She lost to QiaN Luo, she had no possibility of winning,  But she can play with these rats, it is too easy!

Who is she? She is also a secret doorkeeper. If she is defeated by these rats, she will be thrown into the Pacific Ocean!

The little punk has no martial arts, but he is usually used to it, and he is quite resistant. Lan Qin Yu has no good use of martial arts. As far as possible, she only uses some basic self-defense techniques. This guy is still not pleased. Beaten.

She didn't have the heart and thought that they were suffering here. When they were beaten for a lot, they were traumatized by skin. Now... Qin Yu is a bit mad.

Putting some infuriating and changing the way of making a move, like giving them a warning, a palm hits the shoulder of a man like a head, and a blood spurts out along with the falling length.

It was quiet all around.

Qin Yu condensed his face and said: "If you don't want to die immediately disappear from my eyes! Otherwise, pick up your skin to feed the dog!"

The rest of the reluctantly stood up was also bruised and bruised. When I saw this scene, I was so scared that my legs were soft, and I dared to wait for it.

Even how many pounds of their own are not estimated, a group of rice buckets!

Lan Qin Yu patted the dust on the clothes and relaxed her tone to face Qianyou.

"You should talk to me?"

Qian You did not expect that the first sentence of Lan Qin Yu was this. The face was naturally red, and the speech was stuttering.

"Who, who wants to talk to you..."

Although I really want to follow her, I still can't say such a greasy person, Qian You secretly cursed himself, really a fool!

  Qin Yu certainly can see his awkwardness, but also blush, this kid is cute enough!

"Is it? Then I can go? This time... it won't be as slow as it was just now, you can't keep up."

Qian Youhan saw the effort of Qin Yu, knowing that she is not simple, can not keep up with it, can be anxious, for fear that a lady will disappear, and nervously grab the clothes of Qin Yu.

Lan  Qin Yu chuckled the boy's cheek with a smile, and stroked his hair, and spoke with words.

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