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Lan Qin Yu did not look back, but still can feel that the people behind did not give up, and some hard to follow her. Qin Yu's light work is getting better and better now. The average person can't keep up with her. It's not bad for a teenager to keep up.

After another quarter of an hour, suddenly there was no feeling of tracking, and Qin Yu unconsciously slowed down. Because she is too fast, she didn't keep up?

I also said that I had to get rid of the boy. Now that the family has not kept up, Lan Qin Yu stopped and waited.

"Isn't it a big deal? Did you give up so soon?"

Sitting on the stone on the side of the road, waiting for him, forgetting that what she should do is to leave. Isn't the teenager not following her intentions? Sure enough, I still can't bear a beautiful teenager.

"What is this kid doing again..."

Lan Qin Yu did not think that he would be so easy to be left behind by her, waiting for a long time without seeing the figure and worrying about going back.

Fortunately, she turned back, or else she would not just see the teenager being intercepted, and she was playing very hard.

Fuck! Isn't that just a few idiots just hit! Good guy, the phrase 'Are you waiting for me' means this? Looking for a helper to take revenge? A large group of people surrounded the road of teenagers, each showing fierce light.

Qian You's face ugly with these people, shouting disgustingly: "I said that you guys are bothered! Xiaoye, I'm busy! I'm not easy to find people, because you lost, Xiaoye and you. Not finished!"

Since the last time he saw that Lan Qin Yu was saved by her, Qianyou has been looking for her. He did not know where she went, and he has not found it for a long time. I originally wanted to find it, so I first saw Lan Qin Yu!

These bastards! It's very good to stare at Qin Yu. He didn't kill them. Is there a kind of helper?

Qian Youyi thought that it was possible to lose Qin Yu here, and the shots were even heavier, but... After all, the number of opponents was large, and this kind of enemy's momentum could not last for too long, less than 10 minutes, Qianyou It is clear that the beginning of the downturn, the movement has begun to be somewhat sluggish.

These people are finished, their faces are punched, and the burning pain makes Qianyou look up, damn it!

Seeing this, Lan Qin Yu is distressed, there is no one! I dare to hit someone's face! This is naked envy! Deaf parents are handsome and cute!

Blocking the fists of the two people in front, Qian You did not notice that the legs of a strong man behind him were about to kick his back. This foot would be broken if he could not break the rib!

"Move me aside !"

  Qin Yu, a flying body behind the back of Qianyou, slammed the strong man with a kick.

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