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That lotus beauty boy!

The mood is awkward, yes, the mood of Lan Qin Yu can be described as very embarrassing.

No, this lotus beauty boy is following her?

Although this guess sounds a bit narcissistic, it is also possible. If not, why is it here? Why is it so coincident with someone who follows her, and by the way, follow her?

Want to thank her for saving him at that time?

Several people who were beaten stumbled and climbed up. They were beaten and bruised and said pretendingly: "You, you wait for me!"

After that, all fled. Run and run, what else? There is no momentum at all.

Lan Qin Yu pretended not to know anything. He paid the money and continued to stroll around the street. The teenager did not come to greet her, but continued to follow.

This child is still awkward, and Qin Yu laughs.

Walking swaying, with the nature to play, Lan Qin Yu thoughts on the boy, I think he is really cute! Lan Qin Yu deliberately turned her head and wanted to catch his movements with her. The young man nervously rushed to a small stall and seriously played with the little things.

Lan Qin Yu almost didn't squeal out, please! Stupid kid, don't go to the rouge stand? Didn't you see the eyes that sold rouge to see him? Haha! Don't say that she saw it too fake, other passers-by would think that he had a problem with his brain!

Since it is following her, why not just come up and say hello to her? Does he want to be with her? Because she saved him?

The other side has been quietly following, and Lan Qin Yu has had a bit of playability. It has been some time to come out. If I don't go back, I'll find them all. Still go back earlier...

Back? How come back? Continue to let the lotus boy follow her until... the wind is on the pavilion? Or is it an exhibition house? Or Feng Yuntang?

Well, at this time, Su Leng should be returning to the wind. Qing Xun in the morning and said that because he had canceled the decision to go to the end, he had to go back to the exhibition house. Now he should be at home. I don't know how to get there, but I should first go to Fengyuntang to ask Su Leng, and also look at the results of Fu Yan's calculation. How much it costs to open such a store? She is still very curious.

Feng Yuntang is a branch of the secret door. It is inconvenient for outsiders to know that although Lan Yuyu likes this boy who is similar to the age of Lian Che, can't she take it too casually?

With this cognition, Lan Qin Yu no longer continued to walk slowly, turned a corner and began to avoid the boy.

The movements on the feet gradually accelerated, and the first one made a force to display the light work. Will she do it lightly? There is no time to think more, but also speed up to keep up.

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