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"Zo looks like that uncle that asks you for money at the cookout," I roasted.

"Looking like a hood bus driver," Kai added.

"Wait wait Gelo that auntie that be packing extra plates to take home."

"You and Melo look like y'all belong on 16& Pregnant," Gelo coughed.

"They asses made for each other," Zo rolled his eyes.

"Don't be mad I found the real thing," I smirked hugging Mekai.

"More like appointed," Zo snickered while Gelo supported him.

"They hating hard," Mekai chuckled.

"Joke aside I'm happy Melo finally found someone who's real."

"Word up," Gelo nodded.

We were getting ready to leave today. This trip brought Kai and I together. I hope it stays this way when we get back home.

"The van is waiting let's go!" My dad yelled.

"Why he always yelling?" Kai rolled her eyes.

"Idk mamas."

I grabbed her bag and placed it in the van.

"You gotta sit on my lap again," I smirked.

"I'm heavy tho, I don't want to hurt you," Kai sighed looking down.

She was a bit thicker than other girls but I loved it.

"I can handle it baby, I'm big daddy Melo."

"Shut tf up," She chuckled.

I sat comfortably and she sat on my lap. We arrived to the airport and got situated in. Kai and I sat next to each other again. Only this time she didn't put her headphones in.

"So about the wedding plans."

"Ohhhh yeaaahhh let's discuss," She smiled widely.

"Omg you two are getting married but you look like teenagers," A little girl said.

She was seated at the window seat.

"Circumstances allows you to grow up quick," Kai spoke.

I decided to mess with the little girl's head.

"You need to meet our four kids."

"Four kids!! How old are you two?" She asked with wide eyes.


"Wow you are the same age as my brother and y'all have kids I'm telling my momma," She said.

"He's just playing," Kai laughed.

"Oh I was amazed," The little girl laughed.

We both smiled at her and continued our convo.

"When do you want it to be?" Kai asked.

"My birthday week would be dope."

"Getting lit all weekend huh?" She laughed.

"Fooo shooo," I chuckled.

"17 and married, that's messed up," Kai sighed.

"We'll get through it together tho."

" I guess," She shrugged leaning her head on my chest.


Kai and I fell asleep. We woke up when the plane landed. I was a bit sad that she had to go back home. Our things were placed into another van and we were preparing to take Kai home. I hugged her tightly as she sat on my lap.

"Amma miss you a lot dude," I pouted.

"Me too bae," She pecked my lips.

"Can I come get you tomorrow?"

"I gotta check with my mom, what will we do tho?" She asked.

"Some stuffs," I smirked.

"Boy you ugly asf don't do that."

"Stfu bro," I laughed.

We got in front of her house and she stood up. I did as well to walk her out.

"Thank you so much for taking me on this trip. I really enjoyed it," Kai said hugging everyone and having a mini convo with them.

I waited for her to get out.

"Thanks for the trip Melo," She said hugging me.

"Anything for you mamas, but I ain't getting a hug only, you playing with me."

I looked down and kissed her.

"Bye ugly ass," She blushed.

"Bye princess."

I watched her get in the house then got back in the van.

"THAT BOY WHIPPED!" Gelo yelled.

"ByE pRinCeSs," Zo mimicked.

"The headassery is unreal," Denise giggled.

"Leave your brother alone, the boy officially becoming a big baller," My dad spoke

"Love," my mom smiled.

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