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In the mouth, I ate the fruit I bought from the roadside stall. Lan Qin Yu is not thinking about hanging out in a place separated from the wind pavilion. This is called life!

Did not find trouble, did not sweep her side, the people on the street came and went, there are ladies to buy rouge gouache, women to buy fruits and vegetables, there are strong men selling iron, there are old people selling plaster. A bustling scene, as the blue dragonfly has been looking forward to... the ancient streets!

A few streets that I have visited in the past... Hey, I can't bear to look back. Not being chased by people, or being jailed by people! In addition to being described as miserable, Lan Qin Yu has no idea what kind of mood to use to recall those times!

Life has been since ancient, but this year, her Lan Qin Yu is more than twice as good as others.

I don't talk about people during the day, I don't talk about ghosts in the middle of the night, she must remember this sentence next time!

It's not good or bad. In short, because of the extraordinary internal force, the senses around you, your senses will be very sensitive, and it is easy to find that the target of the four men behind the thief is her.

Is it the person who has been trying to eradicate the secret door on the rivers and lakes that Qingxu said? Not quite like, it was so easy to be discovered by her, it can be said that there is no trace level, that is, a few rookies. Even in the dark, dare to compete with the secret door, the general mouse is not afraid, but the latter... It is obviously the mouse generation.

"Hey, 80% is seeing me so beautiful, so beautifully dressed, plus one person..." Moved to mourn?

Sure enough, this face of her is the most popular! Whether it is to look at the dress of her rich lady, or to look at her face of a closed month, it doesn't matter.

Little character, she is not on the mind, basically... it will not affect her good mood this time.

Looking back in the cold, the four people were busy panicking to the booth nearest to them and pretending to look at things. The intention to cover them was obvious.

Despicable, despicable ...... This is not even Villains are not really, is idiot-class thief Well!

"You guys! What chaos track!"

  LanQin Yu? No, she can't simply tear down those guys, who is that?

A few followers were caught by this voice, and Qin Yu took a look at this time, a teenager in white... Very familiar... Where did you see it?

It is a pity that people are now facing Lan Qin Yu, the latter can not see the other side's appearance, only that the back is very familiar, must have seen where! Sound, where have you heard it...

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