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"You are going to find Fu Yan. There is a design picture on Xiaoshun. I probably painted the style I wanted. You asked him to set aside the money to find the craftsman and start to re-create this drunken building." Renovation, I want a brand new wind pavilion, everything in the drunken building must be completely refurbished!"

The feeling of the former fireworks land must be removed from the bottom of the heart, let them forget where it was originally, just remember! Here is the 'winding pavilion' operated by her Lan Qin Yu!

"Qing Xun"

"What do you want me to do, though."

Without a more serious tone, Lan Qin Yu snorted two times. "You will help Su Leng to take care of it together here. I want to go out and breathe, alone!"

Qing Xun is her bodyguard. Through all the previous things, let Qingxuan leave his side... Relatively speaking, it is more difficult!

Who knows, this time, Qingxun actually agreed very simply.

In the face of Lan Qin Yu's incomprehension, Qingxun had to explain, saying: "You want to operate the Fengling Pavilion, I will not object, but you still don't know how to operate it. You need a quiet person. ?"

"Right! Still looking for me! I will ask you here, ah! Right, Lu You is also, familiar with the girls who stay here, get familiar with them early, and it will be helpful for getting along."

  Lu You nodded.

"Xiao Yu."

Lan Qin Yu went to the door and was stopped by Qing Xun.  "What happened?"

It won't change your mind again, you have to follow it...

Qing Xun's frowning, or some uneasy, said: "Be careful."

It can't be said that Qing Xun is looking too much. Now it is the very time when Lan Qin Yu has just taken over the secret door. It is impossible to see anyone who is going to find Xiao Yu's whereabouts and go to trouble her. Qing Xun is very eager to say that if someone is in trouble, he will rush to escape... Xiao Yu is unlikely to listen, and vice versa... Maybe he will not trust her ability.

Also, it's impossible to go through the troubles every time you go out.

"I know, Su Leng, let's delay the matter of going to the end. It's a bit sudden, but it really needs to be taken care of. It will be better to go to the headquarters after proper."

"Su Leng understands."

The last congress has something that interests you... The last words of the heron, Lan Qin Yu always remembers, but she has never understood what it means.

Interested in things? Is there a lot of handsome guys at the end of the country? Still eating something great? Or is it good to make money?

It seems unlikely now. The words are so saying, did not say clearly what is the matter, Lan Qin Yu really can not lift the strength, so it is understandable to delay the plan to go to the end. Deciding to go to the end is not what I want to go. I can barely give it to Master. If people say something, she will not be sorry for Master.

After the delay, he will delay the embarrassment, and it will not be the case. Master can't say anything.

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