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  Lu You heard Qin Yu let her stay, and I was so grateful that I almost lost my tears.

"Right, Xiao Yu, yesterday... The  san king is not coming, now other people?"

According to his previous understanding, people who usually know with Qin Yu will be very good with her. How can this Sanking disappear in the next day?

When it comes to Yue Hanqing, Lan Qin Yu called a smug, exaggeratedly lying on the soft couch, eating fruit leisurely, saying: "You said Han Qing... Then go to clean up the house! I really want to see Seeing how he handled it, wouldn't it make people move their heads directly?"

It seems a bit boring! It can be seen that Yue Hanqing is also a master who likes to play. Of course, the key moment is also the kind of person who is rather embarrassed. Lan Qin Yu asks her to see people's eyes is very accurate!

When Qin Yu saw Lu You was slightly reddish.

The cherries that were put in my mouth almost stuck, and the face couldn't help but smile. The Lu You would not... right! Yesterday, Han Qing went to cry and screamed, and people saw the heartbreaking Lu You to help.

Oh, she is the one who saved people! The flower ambassador let Han Qing give a cheap, hehe, people obviously spring heart, and mentioned that Han Qing, she blushes like a monkey ass.

Describe the beauty of the face, the monkey butt is somewhat rude, haha!

However, fortunately, it is to look at Han Qing first, if you look at her face, it will be trouble!

Back to the topic, Feng Linge wants to open a branch in various places, you need to have that strength, if you just can not make money to open a store, it is not throwing money! waste! Lu You and flower capacity can be cultivated, but two people are far from enough. Is it not good enough to eat recently?

Lan Qin Yu became more and more aware that her brain was not enough. Some irritatedly pulled her long hair, and Su Leng and Qing Xun sweat.

Sometimes, this Lan Qin Yu's move is also very surprising, saying that she is smart, she is certainly not stupid! Say that she is a steady person, like now... , it can't be completely affixed. You can cope with Feng Jilin when you are in the wind, so it is not easy to install it.

change! Lan Qin Yu is born to be a fickle person, sometimes steady, sometimes easy to be irritated, sometimes intelligent, and sometimes slow.

After all, it is a person! Not so perfect!

"Ah! This is not easy to open a store!" I knew that I left the old man?

It's not right, a lot of people who are still so old, oh... can't stand it! Only such a person, she will never meet again! Goose bumps are all up!

"Su Leng."


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