02 | who are you?

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"Did you not like the lollipop?
                      ~ h.rj"

'Another one?' Hyojin said the following morning as we stood at my locker.

'Yeah. Maybe it was for me.' I said showing her the note.
'Tasted good anyways. Your loss.' She took a piece of paper and a pen from her pocket and began scribbling something on it.

'What are you doing?' I asked, straining my neck to see what she was writing.

'Writing back.' She reached inside my locker and pulled a piece of tape off the inside. She then stuck the piece of paper on the front of my locker and it was only then I was able to read what she had written.

In the worst handwriting I had ever seen she had scribbled;

"I like red better :)

I sighed at her and tore the note down.
'Hey! I'm only making a suggestion.' She protested while grabbing the paper from me.

'First, why use your initials? Second, they're not for you so you don't have to like them and three, why?'

'One, because I ate it. Two, I'm making a suggestion and three, why not?' She shrugged her shoulders and went to grab the lollipop but I snatched it out of her reach.

'Mine.' I ripped off the wrapper and put the heart shaped blue candy in my mouth before smiling at her and walking in the direction of class.

When Hyojin had caught up with me she held my arm so she could catch her breath.

'You ran like three steps how are you out of breath?' I laughed at her hunched over frame.

'Shut up!' She hit my arm and straightened up. 'So who do you think H.RJ is?'

'I'm not sure... I mean-'

I was cut off by walking into a boy, both our books falling onto the floor with the unexpected collision.

I somehow managed to drop my books while holding them tight yet I kept a lollipop in my mouth while it was open. I surprise myself sometimes.

'I'm sorry... I wasn't looking where I was going.' I took out the candy and began to gather up my books as the boy did too.

I picked my final book, stuck the lollipop back in my mouth and looked up to see who it was I had collided with.

My eyes met those of Renjun.

His hair was a light blonde-ish brown and falling in his face a little, making me want to brush it away so you could see his deep brown eyes and he had his glasses on but they were slipping down his nose a little.

He smiled at me shyly but apologetically before speaking.
'It's fine.' He stuttered and rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand. 'Neither was I.'

I smiled while holding the stick between my teeth before bowing and walking off with Hyojin again who babbled on about Chenle and their date this Saturday.

But my mind wasn't focused on her talking rather on something else.

I took the lollipop out and studied it for a minute.

Who the hell was H.RJ?

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