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"Don't call me lan guniang, call me Xiao Yu."

  Lu You hesitated, and the fingers were entangled underneath, which seemed a little nervous.

"Lan...xiao..... Xiao Yu, can I stay here?"

Yesterday, after Lan Qin Yu bought the drunken building, she ordered the running hall to return the debt owed in Lu You home. Lu You is rushing to her, but... with such favor, let her be like this. As soon as I left, I was uneasy.

"If you don't give up, I can stay and help."

Stay in the original brothel?

She still doesn't know if it is possible to completely remove the impression from the brothel. Lu You... no problem?

"You don't have to be stubborn. I said it yesterday. You don't have to stay here. The debt is gone. You can go home with peace of mind."

Do you not believe that she has returned the debt of Lu You? Lan Qin Yu guessed like this.

"I, I know that the debt is gone, but... you are paying for me. I must repay this kindness! Xiao Yu, you... let me stay, no matter what you do, as long as Can give me a chance to return it toyou!"

By the way, the ancients have a deep thought of repaying the grace!

Lan Qin Yu is not talking, just looking up and down the green glaze, exquisite figure, sweet voice and gentle personality, the most important thing is... a beautiful face! Uh... definitely no less than the original head card here.

The head of the drunken building, the flower, just like her name, is full of grace. Compared with Lu You, the flower capacity is a little lacking. It has been waiting in the fireworks alley for a long time. It has a cheesy body and ruined her temperament.

Fortunately, there is no place to go to spend, and here I have been a little older and I am reluctant to stay.Lu You and flowering, as a signboard, must be very popular!

"Well, since you want to stay, leave it to me!" Lan Qin Yu said absolutely absolutely the truth, changed its name to the wind, as a song and dance exhibition hall, that is, she thinks that the cabaret performance is very attractive, But it does not mean that she will do this!

She can sing, play the guqin, can dance? It's not that she blows, she jumps on stage, you will feel that the patients in the mental hospital have ran out...

  Lu You is everyone's show, it is definitely the most basic thing to sing and dance. If there is something wrong in the future, you can also let Lu You help guide those girls. Lan Qin Yu will watch the dance, but will not teach,  in fact, tell the truth... very helpful to her!

People are willing to stay, they will stay well!

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