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On the second day of buying the drunken building, Lan Qin Yu found Su Leng and Qing Xun.

After pondering for one night, I finally thought of a good notice. The use of this brothel can make her think of it!

"Su Leng, how about the intelligence network of the secret door?" As an assassination organization, if information is not collected, it is difficult to improve the efficiency of work.

At first, the boss who heard the drunken building became Qin Yu's. Su Leng thought it was wrong. I can't believe that the door owner actually bought it... Qinglou?

"Go back to the door, the secret door has eyeliners in various towns and cities in various countries, the intelligence network is very large, and the big things in all places can get the news in the fastest time." Compared with Yanmen, the intelligence network of the secret door should be big. Many, although Yanmen is similar to the secret door, but the time of establishment is much later than that of the secret door. The time of the establishment of the secret door is almost the same as that of the Qingfeng Dynasty. The Yanmen is 50 years late.

Su Leng thinks that the intelligence of the secret door is coming very quickly, but Lan Qin Yu does not think so.

"No, no, it is not enough. I want the eye of the secret door to be so wide-ranging in the towns and cities everywhere. I want to let no city, even a small village in the streets and alleys are covered with secret doors. The intelligence network needs to talk about the gossip on the side of the road. What kind of gossip is there in a town, how many newborns a day, how many people die every day, what faces are born, etc., all know clearly, no one leaks !"

Su Leng, the door owner said it is very easy, the things in the streets and alleys know so clearly ... where is so easy.

"I know you will feel that this is impossible, how is it easy is it?"

Lan Qin Yu guessed Su Leng's thoughts and snickered.

"Actually, this is not difficult. I thought about it yesterday. This drunken building was originally a brothel. The guests coming here are also very mixed. All kinds of news can be found here. However, I do not intend to continue. These girls sell their flesh to exchange these news, so... I intend to change this place into other business premises, and then let such a store be in the country... No, it is the chain of the whole world. Does the chain know? Is the store with the same name? , a boss, what does it mean to run a branch in all parts of the country?"

Lan Qin Yu was afraid that Su Leng did not understand, and laboriously explained that the latter nodded and understood.

  Qin Yu continued, "I think, the secret door has been around for so long, and the money for opening a store is definitely not too bad. I heard Master said that Fu Yan is in charge of finance? Let him calculate the required silver two, and then pay Give it to me. The result I want is very simple, that is, let all the people in the world fear our secret doors, fear that... every word that I think I will say, every sentence will be heard by the secret door!"

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