097 reform (3)

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Qin Yu smiled very happily, this small running hall will look pretty, the title becomes really fast.

"Go and send the guests on the first and second floors to me. I am not open today. I will close the door. Let all the girls in the building go up and down, and you will hand over the tea. In short, put here. All the staff were called and gathered in the lobby on the first floor."

Let's take a look at how many people are there and find out more about the situation.


In the hall on the first floor of the drunken building, Lan Qin Yu finds the middle position to sit down, Han Qing sits on the left side, Lu You sits on the right side, the front is the money tree of the drunken house, the girls and the little girls of the girls since then, others Small running class, husband and so on.

Together, there are 80 people, there are more than 40 girls, there are more than 20 girls, 10 people in the hall, and 6,7 people in the kitchen. There are so many people in this brothel, and it is quite powerful!

"The audience is clear. In the future, this drunken building will be operated by me Lan Qin Yu. I am the boss here."

The crowd began to be noisy, and Qin Yu did not want to take control. He continued to say that she thought well. "First, I can tell you very clearly. I will not continue to operate as a brothel in the future. You will not be a brothel woman in the future. You don't have to use it again. My body is going to wait for men, not to mention their humiliation or something else. Um... I haven't thought about what to do here, maybe I'm going to change into an inn, maybe a restaurant. The trotting hall and the gang will leave Well, the work still has to be done, the family still has to raise it right? As for the girls, you should have made a lot of money here for so long? You should also think about redeeming yourself, so you can find a good man to marry. I am not sure what the old daddy had put on your worth, but...if you want to redeem, don't be embarrassed, whether it's a top girl or an ordinary girl, I will be redeemed. I want to leave here. Xiaoshun fills in the name here and puts the silver two, you are free."

Xiaoshun is the name of the trotting hall just now. Sitting under the command of Lan Qin Yu, sitting at the table on the right, with paper and pen on the table, it is obviously officially ready to record the list of people to leave.

"Want to go and fill in the name, as for the girl who wants to stay, whether it is changed into an inn or a restaurant in the future, as a guest to entertain guests, just entertain the guests, there are guests who can resist you without any grievances. The tip given by the guests belongs to you, and the monthly wages will be given to you. In other words, you can get a proper job, but you still have to rely on your face, just... no need to grieve yourself. Committed to people, as long as they rely on their own beauty to recruit some guests will be successful. I do not want to reluctantly, Xiaoshun where you can leave the redemption money at any time to leave, you can leave it to try, do not come again Also."

The conditions sound tempting, and it's a tempting news that Lan Yuyu thinks so.

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