096 reform (2)

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The latter is very dissatisfied with the suspicion of the old man. "How? What?"

A broken green building 500,000 two can not buy it?

The old man shook his head like a rattle, and he was afraid that one would not pay attention. The big gold master changed his mind. How could it not be enough! 500,000 two, are enough to buy 2, 3 drunken buildings! She, she is making a profit!

"Enough is enough. From now on, I am the owner of this drunken house. First of all, this Lu You girl does not have to sell, not to wait for the house."

The old man loved to hold his fingers, fearing that it would fall underground, and still be careful to stay in his hand. He heard the 'futai' stop.

This son is not a joke?

"Lan Gongzi, the adult of the Futai is a big member of the monthly capital, and a big man who is not allowed. The adult specifies the green glaze girl. If you are against him... I am afraid it is not very good."

Drunken Weng Yi Yizhu, she is not considered to be the old man here, but still said a word.

  Lan Qin Yu is not in the eyes, aiming at the next month, cold , "Futai? What is it? Is there San king? Is there a big emperor of the moon? Is it brazen to ruin the young lady? Is he also a government office?"

I am in a bad mood, let the house come here as a small running hall, and not torture him! If he can see that he can't eat, see if he dares to win the color.

I thought about how to torture the house, let him come to the hall? Still afraid that he would rape the girl here... cheaper him! No way!

"You have already got something. You have nothing to do here. Don't let me see you again in the future." She is not a good person. he is not a good old man, and she is not a top-notch.

"Yes, yes, the slaves will leave, and it will not hinder your eyes!"

Yue Hanqing has been standing next to him and watching Lan Qin Yu sell it here, sending away the old man, not saying a word, neither agree nor disagree, completely only watching the drama.

Xiao Yu is going to be the old lady here, she is opening a brothel? Or... Is there any other plan? Or, isn't it just a whim? She thought about how to deal with this place in the future? If she is going to turn it off... it would be a pity.

"I said you." Qin Yu called the whispering hall that was still worried.

"Ah, yes, lan... No, what the boss has to order."

Qin Yu smiled very happily, this small running hall will look pretty, the title becomes really fast.

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