095 Reform (1)

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"How? Are you satisfied with the smell of such a thing? Are there any complaints?"

Lan Qin Yu threw nothing else, it was the first time she was the most expensive when she went out to the pawn palace to evaluate the pawn shop.

She called it a baby at the beginning! When the pawn shop owner told her the estimated price, she dared to say that her eyes were silver!

Now, think about the white jade that is now on the inside of her waist... This is the favorite thing at the beginning, even if it is ready to give people, it does not seem to feel distressed.

At that time, the price given by the owner of the pawn shop, she remembered... 400,000?

Looking for a time, she had to calculate the price of white jade. I don't know how much white jade is higher than the price of this finger...

Anyway, it must be higher. This blue feather is absolutely not doubtful.

"Lan, lan gognzi, this... this finger is... is..."

In the brothel, the old man, facing the shape of the ** people, get a variety of gadgets as a tip, baby has seen a lot, also know that the price of this finger is not cheap...

Do not! It's not a lot of money, she has lived for most of her life, and this is the most valuable thing she has ever seen! This!

"It seems that you still know how to look at the baby? What do you think about this gadget?... How much?"

Lan Qin Yu did not tell the old man what he had heard. If Laojiao said that the price is lower than the price in her heart, it means that the teacher's lesson is not enough. If it is higher than...there is nothing, anyway, she Will not let the old lady find money for her.

"This... how can this thing be worth it, worth 500,000!"

5,500,000 two! ?

Even the price given by the pawn shop owner is 100,000 more? Fuck! At that time, the boss wanted to be himself? Really kind!

Fortunately, I didn't sell it there! Otherwise, I don't know if I lost 100,000!


"Is this finger to buy this drunken house?"

Quiet, very quiet, so quiet that even the sound of each breath can be heard, but two less...

The old man and the sprint hall, who also heard this sentence, inhale, but can't vomit, and they are scared to breathe.

Two yeah, don't stop here, just take over two more lives, and the business in this place can't go on.

After a quarter of an hour or so, the old man only found his voice, and he took the finger in his hand and determined what he said. "Lan, lan gongzi... the right words, but true? Really... Really take this thing, change it, change my drunken house?"

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