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The little things flew through the empty space in the middle of the building at a fast speed, and went straight to the direction of the small running hall.

Yue Hanqing saw what it was when he took out the thing, but... what to do with that thing? It's a pity to throw it away at such a long distance.

God is not going to be against the good guys. Lan Qin Yu is convinced of this at this time, because the little thing fell to the designated position as she expected, but although she did not drop the dish, she was lucky to fall into it. In the glass filled with wine, a lot of splashes are splattered... the amount... hops...

"Ah! What, who! What does not have long eyes throw things at the aging mother!" The old man was shocked by the sudden flight, and the green glaze had been gone, and suddenly it was awkward.

When she came, did she still claim to be a slave? This anger is an aging mother?

But she is quite suitable for that name...

Together with Yue Hanqing, Qin Yu wandered from the left to the old man, and his mouth answered the old question.

"I am really embarrassed, it is my 'things' that don't have long eyes..."

This voice is the 'ye' who just made a big shot!

The old man was mad at Lu You and immediately replaced the charming expression of Lan Qin Yu into the door, she can go to participate in the face-changing game!

"Hey, isn't this young master Lan? You said that...the slave is not saying you, you...you should never take it to heart."

The gold master can never be offended. The old man naturally understands this truth. The business of the brothel is good for making silver, but you must be especially careful. Because there are many people in the kiln who are visiting the kiln, it is a good thing to be a good person, but if you get it, you can't eat it!

"But what I said is true. The little thing was really lost. I said you... Don't look at what I lost? That thing can be worth a lot of money. If you lose it, you lose it." Start?"

The old man thought that this 'father' had a habit of throwing things. This was the intention to find her. He didn't hesitate to pull Lu You that was still weeping, and smashed the trotting hall to see that she had just splashed her. What is the meaning of the face and the drink?

"are you OK?"

Yue Hanqing stepped forward and  gently asked Lu You sitting on the floor to cry.

  Lu You is still with tears in the eyes, and the unmovable but extravagant man is pulled up, the tears are not lost, the voice is gone, just staring at the already Attention to him on the other man.

The so-called other man is looking at Lan Qin Yu who is so shocked that the old man is holding the little thing.

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