Part 8- Cara Ruins Everything

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As we walked out of the school, Cara was sitting on the bench texting someone.

"Hey There's Cara." I said to Jungkook.

"Just ignore and walk." Jungkook whispered. 

I nodded and kept walking side by side next to Jungkook.

"Hey guys!!" Cara yelled. 

Dang. She saw us.

Jungkook sighed and looked at me.

We just waved. I didn't want to speak with Cara at all.

"Where are you guys going? Can I tag along?" Cara asked smiling at Jungkook.

Jungkook looked at me. It looked like he wanted me to make the choice.

I shrugged. I really didn't want Cara to come with us. She would want to steal Jungkook away from me.

"I guess. We aren't really going anywhere special, just to get ice cream." I told her. I wanted to make it sound as boring as possible.

"That sounds fun!" Cara exclaimed.

"Yeah not really, it's just cheap ice cream from the store over there." I pointed down the street.

"Still cool. Let's go!" Cara cried happily.

What I was trying to do hadn't worked and my ex-friend Cara was coming with me on my first date. 

"Ok let's go then." Jungkook said looking annoyed.

"Why are you guys only going by yourselves? Why aren't you inviting Rebecca?" she asked.

I also didn't want her to know that this was a date.

"Next time." Jungkook said motioning us to start walking across the street.

"Ok. I love ice cream don't you Kookie Maknae?" Cara asked looking up at Jungkook.

How does she know all these nicknames for him?

Jungkook and I let go of holding hands a while ago, but right when I was about to hold it again, Cara grabbed his hand. 

Jungkook let go. "Cara, please don't do that." 

"Why Kookie? Why?" Cara asked looking up widening her eyes. 

Ugh. She was trying to make herself look cute. 

"We're here. What ice cream do you guys like?" Jungkook asked. 

He was trying to change the subject.

"Mint chocolate chi-" I said before I got interrupted by Cara.

"Kookies and Cream." Cara said smirking and looking at me with an evil eye.

She was my friend just fine a while ago. She was suddenly acting like...a stupid...I can't even say or think the word. It's just that bad.

Jungkook rolled his eyes.

He mouthed the words, "So annoying."

We grabbed our ice cream cones and left the store.

Jungkook had gotten simple vanilla. 

I took my ice cream and dabbed a little on Jungkook's nose and he laughed.

"That looks funny." I said giggling. 

I was trying to forget that Cara even existed.

Jungkook did the same back to me, but gave me an ice cream beard.

"You should wear one of these everyday." Jungkook said smiling.

I nodded chuckling. "I would look great."

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