Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

"I can't wait to see Evan's sorry ass behind bars, how about you?" Lizzie asks me, leaning back in her lounge chair.

Both of us were sitting outside at the community pool that Saturday afternoon, the day after I told Lizzie the truth about what happened to me. A trio of little kids troop past us, clutching their inner tubes to their chests. They chatter noisily to one another before holding hands and jumping into the pool. Water lightly sprays my bare legs from their splash but I don't bother drying them off with my towel.

"I know you probably don't wanna hear this right now, Nora, but you're going to have to tell your mom soon. About Evan," Lizzie continues to say when I don't reply the first time.

I let out a sigh, readjusting my sunglasses and tilting my head back in my chair. "I know."

"But don't worry. I'll be right there with if you want me to be," She assures me, rubbing her hand lightly against my knee.

I can't tell you how relieved I am after I hear her say this. Finally the tension between us was gone and we were able to go back to being best friends again. And this time we were both single, which made the situation even better.

"So, what do you say we take a nice swim in the pool? I think I've done enough tanning for one day," Lizzie says, laughing a little, while inspecting her arms and legs to see if they were any less pale. And of course they weren't; they never were. My skin was way lighter than hers so whenever she felt like her skin looked like a ghost's I would just tell her to compare herself to me. She would feel a lot better about herself after that, but she still persisted that my fair skin was beautiful the way it was. I would just smirk at her and roll my eyes whenever she said this.

"You're just saying that so I won't feel bad about myself now," I would say to her and she would smack me playfully on the arm.

"I am not. Besides it's better than getting a fake tan and looking like one of those Oompa Loopas from Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," She would reply, and then we would both burst into hysterics and forget all about the issue.

Both of us decide to swim in the pool for a little while and when we get out we start to head over to the snack bar when a familiar voice calls out to us:

"Lizzie! Nora! Over here!" The male voice shouts and we both turn around to see who it is.

I'm completely shocked when I see that the voice belongs to Andrew Chung, who is now walking towards us with Jake and---get this--Asher following closely behind him.

"Hey, you guys made it after all!" Lizzie says once they're standing a few feet in front of us.

I resist the urge not to kick my best friend. What did she mean by "you guys made it after all"? Did she invite them or something without telling me? I try not to tightly clench my fists together at my sides as Lizzie continues to say, "Nora and I were just gonna get something to eat at the snack bar. You guys should join us."

"Yeah, sure lets go!" Andrew nods.

The five of us get in line at the snack bar and just as I am about to order I feel someone lightly tap me on the back. I turn around to see that it's Andrew again. He swipes his jet black hair out of his dark brown eyes and gives me a small, yet comforting smile. "Hey, Nora, what's up?" He asks.

I shrug, "I'm fine, I guess. I didn't expect to see you guys here."

"Yeah, well we wanted to come. Lizzie invited us so we could all talk about some stuff," he says, looking at me straight on.

"Too bad I don't really have anything to say," I mumble sarcastically.

"Look, Nora, Lizzie told us about what happened to you. What Evan did to you," he says, his eyes still watching me, waiting for my reaction.

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