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"Han Qing, although you are only San king, but I heard thousands of saying that you and Ruoyun are taking turns in power. Without the consent of Ruoyun, can you have the right to dispose of the government?"

Yue Ruoyun just returned to the palace, and a few months of vacancies will take a while to restore the state. This is not the best thing for him.

"Xiao Yu, don't underestimate me. The San king is not white, even if I don't take Ruoyun as a government, just because of my princehood, it is enough to dispose of the house!" No need!

"That would be great."

To save the woman named Lu You, this is right, how can we save? Now she has solved her encirclement, and she is still looking for a job for her debt. In order to pay off debts to the brothel, it is clear that the debt must be quite a lot, not the money that ordinary work can earn.

Repaying debts is a trivial matter. If Qin Yu's help is returned, then the so-called Futai darens should also be ruled. How can they cure the problem and teach him a leson?

I really need to ponder over it...

Unexpectedly, I didn't think too much attention. Lan Qin Yu began to look at the drunken building in a boring manner. The eyes moved and looked at the three-story drunken house. The curvature of the mouth was getting bigger and bigger. One count!

"Han Qing, you said... What is this drunken building?"

Yue Hanqing did not understand the meaning of Lan Qin Yu, and a question mark appeared on his head. "What do you mean?"

"Here, the place is big enough, the business is good enough, the location is also a prime location... is a good place to do business."

Good place to do business...

"Well, this is indeed true. It is one of the main business streets of the month, and the east side is just right at the entrance to the Imperial City."

Is this inextricably linked to the punishment of the government, or the rescue of Lu You?

Lan Qin Yu's face is full of calculations, very embarrassing laugh, such a good location, it is better than... let her the invincible big beautiful girl Lan Qin Yu to take over!

Lan Qin Yu wants to be a brothel? Just thinking of the face of the old man here, she trembled, and she was not interested in this. The best place for a brothel is that there are more beautiful people, more guests, and a good location.

There are beautiful people who are not afraid of missing visitors. Even if these beautiful people can only watch and can't eat, there are still many guests willing to patronize!

Pulling out a small thing from his arms, picking up one eye and aiming at the old man who is persuading Lu You to dedicate herself. If you are at this distance... you should be able to hit it. If it goes well, you can just hit the small running hall next to the old man. In the food.

If you have a recoil, you will not fall to the ground. If you break it, you will lose more!

"One, two, three - in!"

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