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"Do you really want to do anything?" Lao Bao has a pair of savvy and sophisticated eyes, looking up and down Lu You's better body and face, and it is not good intentions, but the girl knows, still very honest nod.

"Which tea is handed over to the water, and the shoulders are squatting. There are those who run the hall and the little girl to do it. It is not so hard for you to be a lady. In fact, the conditions are very simple, but it is just something you nod."

  Lu You did not know the people in such a place as the brothel, and it was impossible to follow her wishes easily, and gratefully watched the old man.

"Although I am the mother here, but this drunken house is still relying on the moon , the adults of the Futai are taking care of me. I heard that the Futai adults have always liked your green glaze girl.

Before I heard that Lu You was coming to my drunken house to sell, I was happy... The adults said very clearly, as long as you waited for the green glaze to serve you, you will be red in the drunken house. And... no need to pick up customers. Let's just say, either you pick up the guest here, be a woman who is a man who can do the best, or you should go to serve our adults and let the adults and adults meet... not only can your debt be paid off, If you are not happy, you will be able to make a small meeting, then you will be developed. "(Adult=daren)

The old man said that Lu You was so lucky that he did not care about the already pale face of the people. The enthusiasm of Lan Qin Yu began to take off and snorted.

"I said Han Qing, I don't think there is such a fainting and mixed thing in the distant country. Is the Futai adult? It is still a very high title. Can you do this kind of thing in the country? If the cloud just returned to the palace, this is to find He said that he should still find you a dissident who has been in charge of him for so long?"

Qingfeng's Yanting had a confused official. There was a shameless lady who had the name of her retired veteran in Xiangyang. When she arrived in the month, she was confronted with a stunned officer! No one is a kind of person who is an official! This is the case with the wind, and this is how the emperor is.

Choosing an official is to choose these wastes? Is it to ruin people?

When I met this kind of thing, Yue Hanqing liked to play again. He also had a black face and a sneer on his face.

"It seems that the moon needs to be reorganized before it can be done..."

It is not allowed for officials to visit the fireworks. It is quite a lot to go privately. However, the court has closed one eye and has no influence on the political affairs. It does not interfere with the pastimes of the ministers. But this obviously protects the brothel, and still wants to play with others in his own identity. He can't care if he is San king.

Even if he is not San king, so arrogant things have to be inserted, obviously, Lan Qin Yu also has the same idea.

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