Eyes On Her

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Part 16-


I woke up with the sound of my phone buzzing down my ear, I looked who it was I saw the name pop up on my screen but I just blank it, the last thing I need is my ex coming around because she's probably heard about Demi now. And she'll want to fight for me blah blah blah. She just hate seeing me happy. So I turned my phone off, I'm lying on my back in the worst mood ever now because she is after something which as got me thinking what though.

I turn on my left hand side to see Demi fast asleep, she is the cutest person ever when she's sleeping. I led over her got her phone and took a picture!! I went on the twitter app, logged myself in on her phone and tweeted the picture

"@sexy_lovatic_ how cute is my baby 🙈❤️ @ddlovato Pic.twitter.com/52htsvbhrd"

You got people retweeting/faving. Few cute @'s. You just smiled thinking how lucky you are. I logged out, place the phone back where it was. You climb out of bed. Throwing your Baggie hoodie on, and when headed downstairs, i started making breakfast for the both of us. This would be a cute thing to wake up to right. Pancakes and strawberries nom!! You when back upstairs into the bedroom with the food. Demi was already awake and messing on her phone.. Probably checking the cute ass picture I put on twitter.

Me-" good time baby breakfast is here! Good morning beautiful" I said as passing her, her food.

Demi- looks lovely Y/N. Good morning to you too. By the way that picture.. Not cool" she says with a mouth full of food.

I just couldn't help but laugh at her, but she was right normally I'm not a big fan of pancakes but because I knew Demi loved them I just thought if have the same. But omg they was fucking fit. I should be a chief instead. What? I girl can dream right?

After we finished eating we stayed in bed a little while talking about the date we went on, had cuddles, shared a few kisses.

Later that day-

You and Demi been watching CSI all day long cuddled on the love seat you have in your living. You got pulled out of the program when you heard a bang at your door. Wasn't a one of bang. The kept hammering at it, Demi get you a scared looked, you on the other hand had a big idea who it can be.

You looked through the spy hole, and signed you was right it was your ex stood there. You closed the door then opened your front door, you looked Jess (the ex) up and down. She looked pissed out her head and on drugs, you step outside and closing the front door, you look at the window making sure Demi wasn't looking out.

You-"Jess what the fuck you want now!"

Jess-" obvs you babes, let's go to your bedroom and let me fuck your brain out" she said with this smile.

You-" one don't call me "babes" two I have the most beautiful girlfriend ever sat in my living, but thanks for the idea. Once I go back inside I'm going to fuck her so hard" you was getting pissed off now.

* whack*



Jess-"like your girlfriend would fuck you, your ugly, fat, a mess, a fuck up, a freak, your girl doesn't even love you she feels sorry for you. Your worthless Y/N the only person at would look after you is me. Because I know you can't say shit to me, I'm the boss of you, you obey me. Worthless. Go fucking self-harm. Or hey even better get locked up in a nuttie ward so I can fuck your lass hard"


You felt your feeling weak after the punches you have just had to your head. You listened to what she said you know it's all lies, Demi loves you dearly. She does well now you are really starting to wonder if she did now.. You felt the tears fall harder down your face, Jess punched you right in the nose you felt your nose pop and crack defo broken you cry out in pain. You fall to the floor, she standing over you with the biggest grin ever.

You-" please Jess don't hurt me, I'm sorry for what I said. Just please" you beg her to stop

Jess-" I have one last thing for you and I'll leave you alone.. Well for now anyways"

She swings her foot right at your face you put your hand/arm in the way but soon move out the way after her boot hit it. Then you felt it hit the side of your jaw. This time you scream, hoping Demi would hear you.

But at the same time you wish she won't step outside the front door because Jess will just start on her that's the last thing you want. Out of the corner of your eyes you see Demi running out the door, you start seeing double, the voice sounds so far away. You try your best shouting Demi's name but no sound came from your mouth, you see well try your best to, Demi pushing Jess away.

Both still shouting and hitting each other. You couldn't let Demi get hurt no way.. You out your all in getting up, you grab the wall lifting yourself slowly up, looking all down your hoodie just full of blood, and a puddle of blood on the floor, you was thinking how the hell you still alive you lost that much blood. You fight with your sore body. You get this power from no one when you see Jess pulling Demi to the floor, you run over and boot Jess right in the face she falls to the floor, you quickly help Demi to her feet she's crying because of what you look like you push her into the house telling her to call for help, and lock the door once she's In, obvs she puts up a fight but you keep pushing her to the door.

You-"Demi please do this for me. Call the police please baby I'm begging you!! Just listen to me" you say crying more

Demi-" Y/N I can't look at you, you have lost to much blood. Your face needs seeing too quicking."


Demi cuts you off

Demi-"Y/N.. Behind you..."

You quick time turn around and see Jess stand over you, she was a lot taller than you. You look over your shoulder and see Demi did what you said.

After you spun back around you felt something hard hit your head, falling to the floor. And blacked out.

Hiya guys! Sooo I thought add bit of drama because we all love it ennit.

But in serious I'm not, I mean IM NOT updating till you give me ideas on what does on?...

1) Y/N losing all her memory, and gets what with the crazy ex because that's all she remembers?

2) Y/N Is cold out for a good few months and Demi doesn't leave her side at the hospital?

3) Demi has to re-train Y/N brain to get her to remember her?

4) or Y/N doesn't come around, and something bad happens to Demi?

5) gimmie ideas beautiful.

Comment with the idea,
DM me your idea @Nat_Lovatic_

Anyways hope you enjoyed reading it up to now.

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