01 | lollipop

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"You look cute today.
~ h.rj"

'What's that?' My friend Hyojin asks, peering over my shoulder to read the note that has been left, along with a heart shaped blue lollipop, in my locker.

'A lollipop and a note.'
'From who?'
'I know as much as you.'

'Oh, Zhi Ruo has a secret admirer!' She sounded giddy. 'Who's H.R.J?'

'I do not! And I have no clue, there's loads of people with those initials. They probably got the wrong locker. It could be meant for anyone or it could just be one of those notes meant to brighten someone's day and it was put in every girls locker.'

'I didn't get one...' she said, sounding rather disappointed.

'You have a boyfriend.'
'And you don't! Yet this person is more romantic then Chenle has ever been!'

'What if it is Chenle and it's meant for you?' I didn't want to believe that it was for me.
'Maybe, but he knows what my locker number is.'
'Then I don't know.'

I handed her the blue lollipop, but keeping the note, and grabbed my books for class.

'Let's go or we'll be late again!'

I took Hyojin by the wrist as she unwrapped the lollipop, and dragged her to class.

She put the lollipop in her mouth and giggled as we ran.

Was it meant for me?

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