091 Green glaze (Lu You) (3)

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  Qin Yu returned to God, silently glanced at Han Qing, her lips moved. "The tone of you brothers is really like..."

It doesn't look too frivolous, but it makes people feel very helpless. It is the kind... it is easy to make people cramps, but there is no way to get angry.

People want to call you beautiful, are you still angry? Isn't that denying the other person's words and saying that he is not a beauty? Demeaning yourself? cut!

"Two brothers? Do you know my emperor?"

Lan Qin Yu ignored the question and answered the first question, "My name is Lan , Lan Qin Yu."

The action of pouring the wine was stagnant, and staring at LanQin Yu, "Are you Yu er?"

Yu? It seems that Ruoyun and his emperor mentioned her! but!

"It's Lan Qin Yu, call me Xiao Yu just fine, don't call Yu er!" She never wants to hear someone call her 'fish bait', one is enough, and more, she won't often be in the future' Fishing bait, bait's call in the call...

God, that day... she won't die!

  Ruoyun had said, Lan Qin Yu does not like him to call her Yu er, it seems that ... is really not fake.

"Haha, don't call it, Xiao Yu sounds very cute. Since you know that I am San king, I should also listen to you saying my name, Yue Hanqing, all of my own, you also called me Han Qingcheng, You don't have to be a stranger."

I am a man, and the original royals are quite close, huh.

"The girls are here too, let's talk while watching."


Here, there is a smile and a drink, admiring the song and dance, but the other side is crying and quarreling.

"No, I don't want to! I... I heard that this drunken building can be sold without selling, I... I don't pick up!"

"This can't be you, you thought you were a rich lady? Your business is losing money. Now there is no money. Are you here to pay for your debts? No money, what else do you put on! I am here. The brothel, yes, you can really sell art here and not sell it, but that is conditional, will you be willing?"

Opposite, Han Qing and Lan Qin Yu were both disturbed by this not too loud noise and came out from the other side.

It may be because of the beginning of practicing martial arts. Recently, Qin Yu's ears are very spiritual, and the small sounds that are usually unclear can be heard clearly.

The guests on the first and second floors didn't pay much attention to the upstairs. The noisy voice was small. The sound of their own downstairs was very big. Therefore, only Han Qing and Qin Yu discovered the noise. The two are leaning on it. The doorway is curious to see what is going on.

Resist the old woman, Lu You has a way to listen to the old man's sleeves. "You said, as long as you don't let me sell the pick-up, it doesn't matter what the conditions are. I want the tea to be handed over, or I want to give it to people. I can lick my shoulders, as long as I don't sell my body, I can eat anything."

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