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The man gently lifted the chin with a smirk of laughter on his mouth. "Your face...and it really looks like..."

When it comes to him, the man's tone is obviously more helpless, and Qin Yu is shocked. This person... It won't be the real thing the legendary... GAY!

It's very handsome, if it's really good, it's a beautiful look. Lan Qin Yu is a modern woman of the 21st century. There is definitely no rejection. On the contrary... if she really meets one, then It's fun.

Without the dissatisfaction of his sudden cuddling, Lan Qin Yu laughed and found out, maybe...the person in front of her, she knows.

Even if I don't know, I have heard of it. San Wang! The face similar to Yue Ruoyun, the eyes are very good, very gentle, but this man's eyes are more than a point she saw in Qian Luo ... cynicism!

Hey, the world is now, the beautiful men are now joining the ranks of Playboy.

If he is really is san king, is it because Ruoyun returned to the palace, so he withdraws? When he withdrew, he ran to visit the brothel?

But... GAY also visits the brothel? Or is it said that the king is a man and woman? That would be great! There are many royal families in ancient times, and there are such good things. It seems that there are genetic factors in it, specializing in the inheritance of the royal family! Haha!

Qin Yu pushed away and continued to hold her daddy, the whole singer, and finished the whole clothes, laughing: "The San prince of the palace is just like a man, still squatting in the brothel, it is not appropriate."

Yue Hanqing raised his eyebrows. "How do you know that I am San king?"

Lan Qin Yu snickered, originally just guessing that she said casually, how did he ask her not to admit that she is San king? stupid!

Lan Qi Yu shrugged, said: "The famous Wang dynasty does not know, how much shame, right?"

And Ruoyun looks like this, not the San king is sorry for this face!

Yue Hanqing is more interested in her this time, yes, it is 'her'.

"You are not right when you say this. I am a low-key person. I am only famous, and then... I have been holding a man? You are not trying to say... Are you a man? The throat is really False, I still recognize it."

I have long seen that she is a woman who disguised as a man. This is because the look is somewhat concerned. Now it seems that the other party is indeed a very interesting person.

"If you insist on saying that you are a man, I don't mind checking out the body. I have visited more in this brothel. Sometimes I change my taste. Try the taste of a man. What do you say?"

Yue Hanqing was maliciously close to Lan Qin Yu, and her back neck was exposed, her neck was shrinking, and she was cold...

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